Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega: Pushpa and Nia get a big shock when they see Badi Guddan is alive

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Zee TV’s popular show Gudaan Tumse Na Ho Payega is ready to give a surprise to its viewers. One question was in everybody’s mind that when will Badi Guddan return to her house? Well, finally viewers will get to see Badi Guddan soon in the upcoming episode. She will be back with full swag. It’s seen that Agastya and Choti’s married life is at stake.

Pushpa with her games has done something which created big confusion. Choti Guddan found Agastya and Nia in her room and Pushpa by adding fuel to the fire made things worse. Nia too by her suicide drama convinces Choti and Nia’s parents to create a scene due to which Choti announces the marriage of Agastya and Nia. Agastya too is supporting his mother and Nia. Now it’s the part of his plan or there’s something else waiting for us.

In upcoming episodes, viewers will see that Pushpa and Nia will be talking to each other and they will hear a voice who will say are you trying to find me? Nia and Pushpa get a big-time shock when they see Badi Guddan is entering the house. Nia will say to Pushpa that your son told us a lie or else Badi Guddan is immortal. Badi Guddan asks them what happened? Your plan failed this time too like the previous ones! Aren’t you happy seeing me alive!

So, what will Badi Guddan do to save Choti’s marriage? Did Agastya leave her side really?

Or is it a plan of Agastya and Guddan?

All the questions will be answered in upcoming episodes.

To know what will happen next keep watching the show and stay tuned to this space.