Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Written Update 18th October 2019: Guddan and AJ plans against Alisha

Today’s episode starts with AJ recalls Guddan’s word. Alisha comes to AJ and asks him to have food. AJ gets mesmerized seeing Alisha’s concern. He was about to eat food from Alisha’s hand, Alisha throws food at the floor. She further says to AJ that she brought her here to make him feel the pain which she has felt in the past. AJ leaves the place without saying anything.

AJ video calls Guddan and the duo talks with each other. AJ tells to Guddan that he too has observed a fast for her. Guddan ask why. He tells to her that because like the way she observes the fast for his long life, he too wants to pray for her long life too.

AJ promises to Guddan that none can separate him from her. Further, AJ says to Guddan that he will come to break her fast tomorrow.

Guddan ask AJ not to come home without Alisha’s permission else she will hate her more. She further, says she has a plan but she will let him know afterwards.

AJ pours a bucket full of water on Alisha and wakes her up. Alisha asks what he is doing. AJ says it’s his way of treating people. He further orders Alisha to freshen up and meets him at the kitchen. Alisha says she will not follow his order. AJ says she wanted to spend time with him and now she has to follow his orders anyways.

AJ thanks Guddan for her idea. Later, AJ instructs Alisha to prepare foods. Alisha gets irk. She says she will not do servant’s work. Someone informs AJ that the special guests have arrived. AJ says to Alisha that if she doesn’t want to be servant than she can go outside and can entertain and welcome their special guets,

Alisha goes outside and gets shocked seeing Guddan, AJ’s mother, Durga and Laxmi, as the special guest. She gets surprised seeing them happy. Guddan thanks to Alisha for taking AJ far from them and now they can freely live there life. She says to Alisha she can keep AJ with her forever. AJ’s mother too says to Alisha not to send AJ back to home and gets happy.

Guddan ask Alisha not to share their happiness secret with AJ. Alisha gets angry. Guddan says to AJ’ mother, Durga and Laxmi that now Alisha will bring AJ back home. (Episode Ends)