Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Written Update 21st October 2019: Guddan’s decision stuns Alisha!

Today’s episode starts with Revti asking Guddan why she is getting ready for the Karvachauth when AJ is not going to come. Guddan tells to Revti that she has a strong believe that AJ will come to break her fast. Revti says but before Aj will come she will make her break her fast by her own. She throws some powder on Guddan of which Guddan is allergic. Guddan’s health worsens. Aj’s mother, Durga and Laxmi ask Guddan to have water. But Guddan refuses to have water and ask the trio not to call the doctor not make her feed water till AJ come. She harms herself and faints. Revti and Saraswati wickedly smiles.

There, AJ gets restless thinking about Guddan. Alisha comes and asks AJ to finish the work. AJ thinks to call Guddan but Alisha takes his mobile. AJ begs Alisha to give his mobile, as he can feel Guddan is not well. Alisha asks AJ to beg sitting down in his knee. AJ for Guddan’s sake follow her order.

AJ’s mobile rings and he ask Alisha to receive the call. Durga tells to AJ about whatever Revti has done with Guddan. AJ rushes to go and meet Guddan but Alisha threaten him. AJ cancels his plan of meeting Guddan.

Other side, Guddan regains her consciousness. AJ’s mother, Durga and Laxmi gets relief seeing Guddan. Revti comes and tells to Guddan that Alisha won’t let AJ come. Guddan says she don’t want to see her face.

Guddan comes to meet AJ. AJ makes Guddan sit and ask her to drink water. Guddan refuses to drink water and says she will break fast after seeing the moon. She says she wants him to come back home with Alisha, Alisha comes and ask Guddan to leave. She pushes Guddan away, AJ yells at Alisha for misbehaving with Guddan.

Guddan handovers something to Alisha and ask her take decision and come bring AJ back home. Later, Guddan gets ready for Karavchauth, Revti taunts Guddan. Guddan gets angry on Revti and says her illiusion will break today when AJ will come and will break her fast. (Episode Ends)