Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Written Update 25th October 2019: Alisha plants a bomb at Jindal house!

Today’s episode starts with Alisha saying in the lace of God’s idol she will keep Antra’s idol. AJ gets angry on Alisha but Guddan supports Alisha and ask her to keep the idol wherever she wants. She further asks Durga to decorate temple so that she can keep the idol there. Alisha gets angry and leaves the place. Ahead, Revti tries to manipulate Alisha and Alisha asks her to wait for her Diwali surprise.

Alisha goes to Guddan and informs her too that she is planning a big surprise for her on Diwali. Guddan stands shocked. AJ thinks Alisha don’t have any manners. He goes to Guddan and ask her what Alisha said to her. Guddan decides not to tell anything to AJ. And thinks to make the diwali happy.

Guddan recalls Alisha’s word and worries. She goes to check what Alisha is up to at night. She finds her sleeping. Further, Guddan searches around the house to find some clue against Alisha. Later she falls asleep.

In the morning Alisha bursts cracker inside the house. Jindal family gets shocked seeing Alisha’s act. AJ scolds Alisha for bursting crackers inside the house. Aj’s mother asks AJ to stop scolding and get ready for the Diwali preparation.  Alisha than tells to Jindal family that she had left a burning bomb in the house which will blast after 20 min. she further ask to hunt and defuse if they can. Guddan decides to find the bomb. Member of Jindal family rushes to find the bomb. Alisha thinks and says she has hidden the bomb at the temple. Guddan , Aj and others searches the bomb. (Episode Ends)