Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Written Update 26th October 2019: AJ locks Alisha in the room to punish her

Today’s episode starts with Alisha saying to Guddan now she will see whether she will be able to find the bomb or not. Guddan sees some box at the store room and thinks Alisha has hidden the clue in the same box. She calls Jindal mates. AJ ask everyone to go back and opens the box. Few flies come out from the box and everyone tries to save themselves from the flies. One of the fly bites Guddan and AJ worries for her. He sees Alisha smiling and gets angry on her. AJ brings a stick to beat Alisha so that he teach her a lesson. No sooner AJ about to beat Alisha, Guddan comes in between and gets hurt with the stick. AJ and Guddan argue on doing the upbringing of Alisha and AJ’s mother ask them to fight later and first find the bomb.

Guddan says to Aj that she will open the box because Alisha has hidden the clue in the box. AJ says he will open the bee’s full box and ask Guddan to back off. Later on, Guddan wears the honey to catch the bees and AJ finds the clue.

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गुड्डन तुमसे ना हो पाएगा रिटेन अपडेट 26 अक्टूबर 2019 :- एजे ने अलीशा दण्डित करने के लिए कमरे में‌ बंद किया!

Jindal family reads out the clue and tries to crack it. Guddan cracks the clue and finds the bomb at the temple. She blows-off the cracker. AJ hugs Guddan. He further, gets angry on Alisha and announces that till evening pooja, Alisha will be locked in her room. AJ’s mother and Guddan tries to interrupt but AJ gets adamant on his decision. Alisha asks AJ to open the door but AJ ask everyone not to open the door till he says.

Afterwards, when Guddan gets upset with AJ’s decision, AJ gets ready to console Alisha and bring her for the pooja. Guddan gets happy. AJ goes to meet Alisha and gets shocked after realizing she is not in her room. There, Guddan informs that the Lords idol is melting down, as they are made of chocolates. Jindal family gets shocked. AJ informs that Alisha ran away with the idol. Other side, Alisha recalls how she changed the idol and gets happy. (Episode Ends)