Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Written Update 28th October 2019: Perv kidnaps Alisha!

Today’s episode starts with Aj’s mother saying Alisha ran away with the idol. Guddan says this can’t be possible. Durga says but Alisha and idols both missing are not any co-incident. Alisha goes to sell the idols. Here, AJ lashes at Guddan and accuses for always trying to cover Alisha’s mistakes thus she fly away with the idols to ruin their Diwali. Later, Guddan gets a call from Tribhuvan and he informed Guddan about the idols and Alisha.

Guddan ask the Tribhuvan to keep Alisha waiting till she reaches. AJ’s mother asks Durga and Laxmi to accompany Guddan. There, Alisha learns that Tribhuvan knows that idols belong to Jindal and ran away again with the idols. Afterwards, Perv gets Alisha and idols.

Tribhuvan tells to Guddan how Alisha locked him up. Guddan worries for Alisha and argues with Durga after Durga ask Guddan why she cares for Alisha so much in spite Alisha never thinks twice to put her in trouble. Further,  Guddan asks Laxmi to use mobile app and trace Alisha’s number.

Kidnappers tie Alisha in a room. Alisha thinks in order to trouble Guddan she herself is trapped her. Guddan, Laxmi and Durga reaches the nearby area where Alisha’s mobile was last found. AJ ask to his mother about Guddan , Laxmi and Durga.

Later, Perv sees Guddan and ask his men to come down. Goons kidnapped Guddan , Durga and Laxmi too. Perv thinks to take his revenge and money from Guddan. AJ gets angry on his mother for sending Guddan alone and goes to search her. Goons tie Durga, Laxmi and Guddan with Alisha. (Episode Ends)