Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Written Update 29th October 2019: AJ recuses Guddan from Perv’s trap

Today’s episode starts with goons bringing Guddan, Durga and Laxmi to the place where they had tied Alisha. Guddan sees Alisha and ask the goon to leave her daughter. Goons mock Guddan after she revealed Alisha is her daughter and Durga and Laxmi her daughter-in law. He further ties Durga and Laxmi and ask her to play cards with them if she wants to take them back. Guddan ask one of the goons to play something else or give her any other challenge, as she don’t know how to play cards.

One of the goon, keeps a lighted diya on Guddan’s head and tie her hands and ask her to light the other diya’s if she wants to save her daughter and daughter-in laws. Perv gets happy and thinks goons are showing circus on Diwali.

Guddan keeps the diya on her head goes forwards to light the other diya’s. AJ looks for Guddan and worries for her and Durga and Laxmi. Guddan carefully lights all the diya’s kept by goons and says she won. Goon shows Guddan a diya which was kepy to height and ask her to burn that too. Guddan asks for ladder and lights that diya too. Goon again troubles Guddan more and AJ comes for her rescue and fights with the goons. Guddan praises AJ and AJ ask her not to talk with him, as she has lied to him. He further beats the goon and asks him to tell the name of the person who has sent him to kidnap guddan. Perv hits AJ and runs away from there. Guddan thinks apart from Revti and Saraswati who is behind the kidnapping. (Episode Ends)