Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Written Update 31st October 2019: Alisha saves Guddan!

Today’s episode starts with AJ’s mother scolds AJ and says it’s her order and today whole family will perform pooja together. AJ, Guddan and Alisha perform the pooja together. There, Perv changes the battery of Guddan’s mobile to harm her. Ahead, AJ’s mother praises Guddan for binding the whole family together. Alisha bursts the crackers and Guddan holds her ear and ask her to apologize. Alisha says sorry and Guddan ask her not to hold her ears from now onwards.

Here, Perv gets happy thinking now he will execute his plan to harm Guddan. He calls Guddan but she doesn’t receive his call. Perv worries. Other side, Guddan challenges Alisha for bursting the balloons. Alisha refuses to accept the challenge. Ahead, Durga, Laxmi, Guddan and Aj’s mother competes. Later, Guddan and AJ provoke Alisha and Alisha accepts the challenge and wins the first round of the game.

Next, Aj and Guddan compete for the second round. AJ sees Alisha with Guddan’s mobile and ask her what she is doing with her mobile. Alisha says she is not stealing her mobile. She further gets angry on Guddan and refuses to continue the game. Meanwhile, Guddan mobile explodes and Alisha saves Guddan. Guddan gets hurt and AJ takes her to the room. AJ goes Guddan’s first aid and Durga says how he mobile got explode. Guddan says may be she has wrongly put the mobile on charge and it got explode. AJ says to Guddan that she knows it is not an accident and her mobile didn’t explode just like that but someone has deliberately done it to harm her. Guddan says she doesn’t know. AJ says but he knows who has done it and now he will punish the culprit for harming Guddan. AJ’s mother, Durga, Laxmi ad Guddan stands shocked. (Episode Ends)