Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Written Update 5th November 2019: Alisha gets to know about her mother’s murderer to be Guddan

The episode starts with Vikram asking about Guddan. Aj introduces her as his wife and Vikram gets shocked. He congratulates both of them and Aj asks why didn’t he visit all the while. He says about his wife death and days that he has come here for searching a girl for marriage. He sees the decorations and asks about it and AJ says that it’s for his daughter’s birthday. He asks him to fresh up and join the party.

Guddan’s aather comes to the party and greets everyone. Daadi sees Alisha coming downstairs and asks everyone to look there. She looked beautiful in the dress and everyone wishes her for her birthday. Guddan hugs her and Alisha hesitates but gives in. AJ introduces Vikram to her and Vikram offers his hand for wishing her but Alisha ignores him. He laughs it off saying that she’s proving that he’s Akshat daughter. Guddan asks her to cut the cake but Alisha denies and starts leaving. Daadi sings song for Alisha and everyone joins and dances around her. Alisha gets irritated and asks them to stop all this. She starts leaving when AJ starts playing a song. She still leaves and everyone feels disappointed. But all of a sudden Alisha sings back and calls them as father and mother and they both gets happy. Revati says that it’s good Alisha accepted them and the pain will be too high once she gets to know the truth.

Revati sends a message to Alisha and Alisha sees it to find Antara being killed by Guddan and gets shocked. She looks furiously at Guddan when Guddan calls her to cut the cake. She gives her the knife and much to everyone’s shock Alisha stabs Guddan with it. However it turns out to be Alisha dream. Alisha happily cuts the cake and feeds Guddan and AJ. Revati, Saraswati and Parv sees this and gets shocked. She hugs Guddan and AJ and leaves.

Once she reaches room she acts all mad and throws things furiously and takes a scissor and cuts her dress. She acts mad. Parv, Revati and Saraswati comes there and Alisha keeps knife on Revati neck as she’s Guddan’s sister. Parv and Saraswati asks her to stop and show her anger on Guddan. She says that she will get her revenge in the same way as Guddan. She says that she will be all loving with her and then will stab her so that the pain will be so high. Parv, Revati and Saraswati smirks seeing her. Alisha swears to get her revenge.

AJ and Guddan are so happy for Alisha accepting them and express their happiness. Guddan says about revealing Antara death to Alisha but AJ says that just now Alisha accepted them and he doesn’t want to spoil it by revealing it now and Guddan agrees with it. They both romances and Alisha watches it from outside. She swears to ruin their happiness.