Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Written Update 6th November 2019: Alisha’s cheap move to bring storm in the house

The episode starts with Guddan performing pooja and everyone gets happy seeing her. She gives arti to AJ and Guddan and burns Guddan hands pretending to be an accident. Guddan says that it’s nothing as a pain given by child can never hurt parents. Alisha mocks at her drama in her mind. She then gives arti to everyone and apologizes for her past behaviour. She bumps with Vikram who takes arti from her too. He says that he needs God’s blessings today as he’s going to meet his better half. Alisha mocks him for it and Vikram feels bad. AJ scolds Alisha and Guddan apologizes Vikram on behalf of Alisha.

Vikram just jokes it off and informs about meeting the bride’s family today. Guddan says that bride is coming with a family and even he should go with a family and decides to call them there. The bride’s family comes and Jindals welcome them. Vikram too comes all wounded and messed and everyone gets shocked seeing it. AJ asks what happened and Vikram says that hell say later and goes to freshen up. He comes back and gives his nod for the marriage and the bride too approves him. They were discussing about marriage when Alisha comes all disheveled.

An rushes to her and both AJ and Guddan gets shocked seeing Alisha’s condition. AJ sees assaulted marks on her body and asks who did this and Alisha points Vikrant shocking everyone. Vikrant denies the blame and says that she’s lying. He says that how can he do this to his daughter. Alisha says that he took revenge for her morning talk and Vikrant gets shocked. The brides family leaves seeing it and Vikrant tries stopping them but in vain. AJ is about to attack Vikrant but Alisha faints. He brings her to her room and her mobile falls down. He sees Vikrant assaulting Alisha pictures and thrashes Vikrant. Guddan too gets furious seeing it.

Guddan is about to go when Alisha stops her and reveals that all that was fake. She says that she has planned her attack and Vikrant just saved her and he’s innocent. Guddan gets furious and asks why did she do all this then. Alisha says that after killing her mother she’ll pretend all good and she should let it go. Guddan asks if she has problem with her then she should trouble her but why innocent Vikrant. A furious AJ thrashes Vikrant with belt despite his pleadings and Vikrant falls unconscious.

Alisha challenges Guddan to save Vikrant and she rushes down only to get to know that he was arrested. AJ takes care of Alisha who pretends shock attacks and promises to destroy anyone who supports her and Alisha smirks. Vikrant is feeding Alisha and Vikrant comes there shocking everyone. AJ gets furious seeing him and asks how dare he to come back and who took him out in bail. Guddan reveals that its her shocking everyone.