Guddan Tumse Na ho Payega Written Updates 17th October 2019: Alisha finally separates AJ and Guddan

Today’s episode starts with AJ breaking stuffs in his room. Guddan comes and tries to console AJ. She further discloses a plan to AJ for stopping Alisha’s wedding with Guddan. Perv gets happy thinking he is getting married with Alisha. Later, Durga and Laxmi enter Perv’s room and make him smell chloroform. Perv fains and the duo hide him under the bed. Durga and Laxmi inform Guddan that they hid Perv.

Alisha calls out for Perv but Perv don’t reply. Perv comes down and Jindal family gets shocked seeing him. Revti taunts Durga. Guddan ask AJ to have patience.

AJ calls inspector and ask him to arrest Perv. Revti interrupts and shows divorce papers to the police and tell, Perv is legally divorced and can do remarriage. Alisha ask priest to begin the mantras.

AJ’s mother asks Alisha to stop her drama. Guddan too ask Alisha not to spoil her life by marrying Perv. AJ too tries to make Alisha understand but Alisha gets adamant to marry Perv. Perv and Alisha sit at the mandap for the wedding rituals. AJ gets teary. Saraswati ties Perv and Alisha’s knot and priest ask them to start the wedding round. Guddan recalls Alisha’s word and ask her to stop the round.

Guddan says she is ready to accept Alisha’s challenge and to fulfil Alisha’s demand she will ruin Jindal house’s happiness. She united Alisha and AJ and ask her to stop the wedding. Everyone’s stands shocked.

Alisha asks AJ to come with her and gets happy thinking she defeated Guddan. Guddan breakdowns. AJ gets teary too. Guddan recalls Alisha’s challenge and cries out. Revti comes and says to Guddan that she knew she is awake and laughs at her.

Guddan ask Revti why she is doing all these. Revti says because she wanted her to feel exact pain which in the past she had gone through. Guddan yells at Revti and says she can try as much she can but she can never separate AJ with her. Later, Guddan and Revti challenge each other. Guddan says for the Karwachauth ritual AJ will be with her. Revti says she won’t let this happen. (Episode Ends)