Gunjan to give love test in Isharoon Ishaaron Mein

Sony TV unique show Isharoon Isharoon Mein is gearing up for high voltage drama.

Isharoon Isharoon Mein is a first ever show that showcases a story of a mute and deaf couple. In the show Yogi and Gunjan falls for each other but Gunjan’s father Shiv didn’t find Yogi suitable for Gunjan.

Gunjan and Yogi are madly in love with each other but because of the family issues the duo got separated. Yogi decides to forget Gunjan. Here, Gunjan’s father fixes her alliance. Gunjan cries thinking about Yogi. There, Yogi’s grandfather and Pari decide to make Gunjan escape on her wedding day.

Shiv comes to Gunjan and asks her to get ready for the engagement. He further asks Gunjan why she didn’t recived Roshan’s call. Roshan video calls Gunjan and says to her that if she doesn’t want to do the engagement than she can say no. Shiv says to Seema that Roshan is understanding and will keep Gunjan happy.

Now in the upcoming episode Gunjan and Yogi will give love test.

RAni, Pari, Nisha and Khushi will try to convince Yogi to run with Gunjan. Rani will tell to Yogi that if Gunjan still loves him than she will elope with her and if she respects her father more than she will not run with him. Ahead, Yogi along with Pari, Surjith and Bablu will reach Gunjan’s house to elope with her.

It will be interesting to watch, what will be Gunjan’s decision. Do Gunjan will agree to run away with Yogi or she will choose Shiv’s decision over Yogi? For all the answers keep watching the show Isharoon Isharoon Mein, mon-fri on Sony TV.

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