Guppedantha Manasu 13th August 2022 Written Update: Jagathi convinces Mahindra to not leave the house

Guppedantha Manasu 13th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Jagathi saying to Rishi that college is the future for students and I don’t have the qualification to take that seat and only you have that qualification to sit in that seat. Mahindra says you’re correct and Rishi is answering something when we are questioning about another thing and see these parcels he ordered online. Sakshi comes there and asks Rishi, which dress is good. Rishi imagines Vasudhara is questioning him. Rishi says these dresses are not good for you Vasudhara. Everyone gets shocked. Sakshi in anger says she is Sakshi, not Vasundhara. He tries to talk but Sakshi leaves in anger.

Vasudhara sees Rishi’s photo on her mobile and recalls her past moments with Rishi. She thinks she is not getting the opportunity to correct her mistake and he heard the breaking sound of the gift but didn’t hear how her heart got broken.

Jagathi confronts Vasudhara about why she came? To remind them that they got defeated. Vasudhara acts like smiling and says nothing happened. Jagathi says you’re acting as if nothing happened with a smile which is paining me. Vasudhara says there is no instrument to measure sadness and we have to take support of a smile to bear the pain as tears come out in happiness and sadness. She says you know all these things, sorry mam if I talk more. Jagathi says she doesn’t know what to say.

Vasudhara says she wants to talk to Rishi about some matter but he didn’t give her a chance. Jagathi says she wants to talk to Rishi about some matter but our Md and my son Rishi didn’t give me chance and sometimes we have to go opposite the flow of the river to achieve victory. Vasudhara says it’s a lie. Jagathi says it’s not a lie as she feels this marriage will be halted. Devayani comes there and calls them downstairs saying there are many works.

In the room, Rishi thinks if he has clarity or not. He sees Vasudhara in the mirror. He says you may think I’m not understanding but now I’m testing my love and I’m responsible for victory and defeat in this process. He asks why she is not talking? You may think you’re not getting a chance but I will listen to how my heart guides me and I will believe my love and will give my life to what I believe, time may change but my heart doesn’t change. He tries to touch Vasudhara in the mirror but she gets disappeared. Rishi thinks to himself that even if Vasudhara is close to him or not his love for her will never go away. Rishi says this test is for myself and not someone else. He says he doesn’t know who will win him or his love or both of them in this test.

Dharani comes to Rishi’s room. Dharani asks what is this. Rishi says whatever is happening let it happen. Dharani tries to talk to him. But Rishi interrupts her and says he will come.

Jagathi comes to Mahindra and calls him. Mahindra asks Jagathi what is going on we are accepting silently whatever Rishi is doing this is not right Jagathi. Jagathi says sometimes we can’t even say it’s wrong Mahindra. Mahindra says he can’t understand why he is doing this. He asks if Rishi is doing this to take revenge on Vasudhara. Mahindra thinks we have to do something and asks Jagathi to leave the house with him to stop this marriage.

Jagathi says she will not come. Mahindra asks her why. Jagathi says you are estimating Rishi wrong if both of us went away then Rishi might even marry Sakshi directly. You know what Devayani is capable of. Mahindra asks Jagathi to come again but she doesn’t agree. Jagathi says we have to accept some facts and asks Mahindra to throw away the idea of them leaving the house.

Dharani asks Vasudhara if she is not going to talk. Vasudhara says the words are not coming on this happy occasion. Jagathi asks if she is ok. Vasudhara says everything is alright. Dharani and Jagathi talk about Vasudhara. Dharani says she feels bad for Vasudhara. Jagathi says we can’t do anything except feeling bad in some situations. Phaneendra and Devayani invite Sakshi’s parents into the house.

Episode ends.