Guppedantha Manasu 17th November 2022 Written Update: Jagathi is against Mahindra’s decision

Guppedantha Manasu 17th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Phaneedra saying to Rishi that he couldn’t believe that Mahindra did something like this. Rishi asks Mahindra how is his tour. Phaneendra says the other states are interested in Mission education and says they news will soon come to us officially. Rishi apologises to Phaneendra for sending him alone. Phaneendra says there is no need for it. Phaneendra advises Rishi to think about how to bring Mahindra back home.

Vasudhara recalls what happened and thinks if she is hurting Rishi by insisting that she will do the interview after Jagathi madam came back. Rishi brings food for Vasudhara. Vasudhara says she is not hungry and asks him to eat the food. Rishi says he will not eat if she doesn’t eat and asks Vasudhara to eat the food. Vasudhara agrees and asks him to first eat the food. Vasudhara feeds Rishi food. Rishi asks Vasudhara to eat the food and he feeds Vasudhara. Rishi says there might be pain in the heart but the food is needed to satisfy the hunger and says only then we can have the energy to look for solutions.

Vasudhara says she feels good that he is feeding her like this. Rishi comments on what she said and asks Vasudhara to eat. Vasudhara feeds Rishi. After washing their hands Rishi asks Vasudhara if her hunger is satisfied. Vasudhara says her heart is full. Rishi comments on it. Rishi asks Vasudhara to sleep peacefully and leaves from there.

Rishi recalls what Vasudhara said and thinks of what to do. Rishi thinks to himself how can he find them when Jagathi and Mahindra are hiding from them? Rishi thinks it will be good if Mahindra and Jagathi come to the interview. Rishi recalls his childhood memories. Rishi thinks to himself he doesn’t understand why Jagathi is not here.

Devayani asks Rishi what is the latest news. Rishi says Vasudhara is going to be interviewed. Rishi asks Phaneendra to come for it. Devayani says it will be good if Mahindra and Jagathi also come to the interview. Vasudhara serves coffee to everyone. Devayani asks Vasudhara if she is prepared for her interview. Vasudhara says there is no preparation for it. Devayani asks if she is missing her madam.

Vasudhara says madam blessings are always with me so I’m not missing her and Jagathi’s mam is coming to this interview. Devayani asks how. Vasudhara says Rishi told me they will come and I trust his words. Phaneedra says he wants her belief to be true. Vasudhara thanks him. Devayani thinks they don’t come and he may tell her to console her. Gautham asks Rishi if he found where are Mahindra and Jagathi. Rishi says they will come. Gautham thinks about why he is so confident.

Jagathi feels elated to receive Rishi’s letter. She calls Mahindra and shows him the mail Rishi sent her. Rishi asks Jagathi to not punish Vasudhara as she punished him in childhood, he says you hid from me in the minister officer which pained me and now Vasudhara is feeling the same pain in your absence and Vasudhara wants you to be with her during the interview so please return with Dad. Jagathi says to Mahindra that she is so happy with the mail.

Mahindra says Rishi is calling you for Vasudhara, not for him. Jagathi says she doesn’t care about it and Rishi called me that’s enough. Mahindra says our target is tough but we are nearing it and we can’t return until they announce their marriage. Jagathi says Rishi will feel bad if she didn’t return and she asks him to understand. Mahindra says let’s see what Rishi answers about their relationship in the press meeting so it’s good if we won’t go there. Jagathi tells him she is against his decision.

Episode ends.