Guppedantha Manasu 17th September 2022 Written Update: Rishi doesn’t give a chance for Mahindra to explain

Guppedantha Manasu 17th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vasudhara thinking of what happened. Vasudhara thinks that Rishi might misunderstand her. Vasudhara decides that she has to clear the misunderstanding between them. Devayani comes to talk to Vasudhara. Devayani closes the door to talk to Vasudhara. Devayani asks Vasudhara where was she about to go. Devayani asks Vasudhara to sit down and tries to provoke Vasudhara by talking about time. Vasudhara says time is always not on one side. Devayani says to Vasudhara you still have a lot of self confidence after what happened. Vasudhara gives her a counter. Devayani taunts Vasudhara and says she will not allow the word that she gave to Mahindra to happen. She says she knows Rishi. Vasudhara says to her she really knows how to make Rishi go to the wrong side. Vasudhara says to Devayani that she made a mistake in understanding her.

Vasudhara says she really showed her true character on this marriage anniversary. Devayani says she created a wall between her and Rishi. Vasudhara comments to what she said. Devayani says Rishi might be like a volcano now. Devayani asks Vasudhara to go and burn in the flames of his anger. Vasudhara says Rishi will know Devayani’s real character one day then she has to think of what she has to do. Devayani says to Vasudhara according to Rishi she is a hypocrite. Vasudhara says Rishi will never think about her like that. Devayani says to Vasudhara she will prove it and calls Rishi from Vasudhara’s phone. Rishi cuts the call and switches his phone off. Devayani says this is her place in Rishi’s mind. Devayani says to Vasudhara before Rishi throws her out it is better for her to leave peacefully. Devayani leaves saying this.

Rishi thinks of what happened. Rishi recalls what happened with Vasudhara. Rishi is in a conflict thinking about whether Vasudhara’s love for him is real or not. Mahindra goes to talk to Rishi. When Mahindra tries to talk to Rishi. Rishi says he is not in the mood to talk and he asks Mahindra to leave him alone. Mahindra tries to explain to Rishi what happened. But Rishi doesn’t want to listen to his explanation. Rishi asks Mahindra if is it necessary for him to do this. Mahindra says to Rishi to allow him to explain. Rishi blames Mahindra for what happened. Rishi says to Mahindra that he always thought even if the whole world is against him Mahindra will be by his side. But I never thought you would do this kind of thing. Rishi says he never thought that even in his love there is selfishness. Mahindra feels emotional hearing this and leaves.

Mahindra runs into Vasudhara. Vasudhara sees Mahindra has tears in his eyes. Mahindra sees Vasudhara and says he has little dust in his eyes. Mahindra walks away. Vasudhara says to herself she knows he didn’t have dust in his eyes but in his heart.

Mahindra thinks of what happened. Jagathi comes to Mahindra. Mahindra says to Jagathi that Rishi didn’t even give him a chance to talk. Mahindra hugs Jagathi feeling emotional.

Episode ends.