Guppedantha Manasu 18th November 2022 Written Update: Gautham lands in a tight spot

Guppedantha Manasu 18th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mahindra saying last time Sakshi’s confession in a press meeting made Rishi take things seriously and I’m expecting the same at this press conference so it won’t be good if we go there. Jagathi says she is against his decision and tells him that she wants to go. She asks him to not stop her. Mahindra says to Jagathi that it’s not the correct time. Jagathi says Rishi may never forgive me if I didn’t go and I have to stay with Vasudhara when the media is praising her achievement. Mahindra says I told you what I want to say and I’m expecting you to follow me. She looks on.

Vasudhara decides to not hurt Rishi in any matter. Rishi comes there. Vasudhara says let’s go sir. Rishi walks near to her and makes her wear the bindi and tells her she forgot to wear a sticker. She thanks him. Rishi wishes her luck and asks her to face an interview removing her fears from her heart. Vasudhara says it’s good if Madam comes.

Rishi says some things will happen even though they didn’t come and he assures her he will be with her. Vasudhara says I know you will be with me but somewhere my heart is hoping for Jagathi mam’s arrival. Devayani intervenes and tells them Phaneedra already reached the event. Rishi says they are also going and asks her to wish Vasudhara. Devayani wishes her.

Phaneedra tells Vasudhara that she must be a role model to others and wishes her luck. Vasudhara thanks him. Rishi asks Vasudhara if she is prepared for the interview. Vasudhara says she needs to answer their questions so there is no need for preparation. Phaneedra asks her to face an interview feeling Mahindra and Jagathi are with her.

Rishi says they have work and takes Vasudhara with him. Mahindra calls Gautham. Phaneedra notices Gautham’s phone is ringing continuously on the table. He attends the call. Mahindra says hello. Phaneedra asks who’s talking recognizing it’s Mahindra’s voice. Mahindra cuts the call. Phaneedra thinks if it was Mahindra or if he felt so. Gautham comes there. Phaneedra returns the mobile to Gautham and asks him why he felt Mahindra called him.

Rishi and Vasudhara come there and asks what happened. Phaneedra tells him how he felt when he attends the Gautham’s call. Rishi takes Gautham’s phone and calls that number without listening to Gautham. Gautham thinks he will be dead if Mahindra attends the call. Mahindra attends the call. He feels emotional hearing Rishi’s voice. Rishi asks why no one is talking. Gautham says it’s a flat association number and they may be called me. Phaneedra asks Rishi to leave the matter and he asks them to concentrate on function arrangements.

Vasudhara thinks her success meet will be incomplete without Jagathi. She sees Gautham and tries to talk to him but he leaves in hurry without listening to her. Vasudhara sits alone on the bench. Rishi comes there and calls her for an interview. Vasudhara asks him if Jagathi really come.

Rishi asks her to trust that Jagathi will come. Vasudhara says her answers will be fake without Jagathi’s presence and she can’t enjoy her success completely. Rishi asks her to not think about it and takes her with him. Mahindra searches for Jagathi. He notices the letter that Jagathi went to interview. Mahindra feels disappointed. Rishi asks Vasudhara to not postpone her interview and assures her that Jagathi will definitely come. He thinks his mail will definitely bring Jagathi here. Rishi interviews Vasudhara as a reporter. He asks who is behind her success. Vasudhara says Jagathi and Rishi are behind her success. Jagathi comes there.

Episode ends.