Guppedantha Manasu 19th November 2022 Written Update: Jagathi meets Vasudhara

Guppedantha Manasu 19th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vasudhara saying to Rishi that two people are behind her success and one is Jagathi madam who gives her courage. Jagathi comes there and notices Rishi and Vasudhara are talking in a cabin. She feels happy. Devayani on call asks someone to implement her plan in the college. Dharani hears it and thinks about what conspiracy she is planning. She hides before Devayani sees her. Devayani calls Dharani. Dharani acts like coming out of the kitchen. Devayani feels relaxed thinking Dharani didn’t hear it.

Dharani thinks to inform Rishi and Vasudhara that Devayani is planning some conspiracy. Devayani stops Dharani from leaving and asks her to massage her head. Dharani thinks about how to inform Rishi and Vasudhara. Devayani asks if she feels Mahindra and Jagathi come to Vasudhara’s interview. Dharani says it’s good if they come. Devayani says she can never understand her thinking and takes Dharani with her.

Gautham meets Mahindra. Mahindra says Jagathi did wrong. Gautham says Jagathi understood Vasudhara’s pain and it’s good if you come now to meet Rishi. Mahindra denies. Dharani calls Gautham. Gautham attends the call and put it on speaker. Dharani informs him that Devayani’s planning to do something in the college and I didn’t know what’s her plan but I feel it’s a big conspiracy. She asks him to do something as Rishi and Vasudhara didn’t attend her call. She cuts the call hearing Devayani’s voice. Gautham asks Mahindra what to do.

Vasudhara feels tense. Rishi asks her to not feel tense and assures her that everything will happen smoothly. Helper drops juice on Vasudhara’s dress intentionally. Rishi scolds him. Vasudhara says it’s fine. Pushpa comes there and informs Rishi that the media people came. Rishi asks Vasudhara to change her dress and tells her that he will receive media people.

In the restroom, Vasudhara thinks about how to give an interview without Jagathi. She turns and notices Jagathi in front of her. Vasudhara asks if she is real or her imagination. Jagathi hugs her and congratulates her. Vasudhara feels happy knowing she is real and hugs her again. Jahathi says they won. Vasudhara thanks her for coming. Vasudhara asks why they left. Jagathi says I can’t tell you anything now so now prepare yourself to face the interview. Vasudhara says she is a student of Jagathi and can face any kind of interview. Rishi comes there. He sees Jagathi and asks where is his dad. Rishi calls his dad. Jagathi feels bad. He asks didn’t dad come? He says you came here for Vasudhara but dad didn’t come for me.

Rishi asks Jagathi to tell him what mistake he did. Rishi thanks Jagathi as atleast she came and asks Jagathi to atleast tell him where Mahindra is before she leaves. Rishi asks Jagathi to introduce Vasudhara in the interview. Rishi leaves from there. Jagathi also asks Vasudhara to get ready and leaves from there. The college staff comes and locks the door from the outside. College staff leaves from there. Everyone waits for Vasudhara. Rishi thinks of why is Vasudhara taking this much time.

Episode ends.