Guppedantha Manasu 21st November 2022 Written Update: Mahindra’s smart move

Guppedantha Manasu 21st November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with the Office boy locking Vasudhara’a room door from the outside. The office boy leaves from there. Everyone waits for Vasudhara. Rishi thinks of why is Vasudhara taking this much time. Phaneedra asks Jagathi why they left home and where is Mahindra. He says Mahindra may be denied to come but why you guys didn’t think about Rishi’s pain? Jagathi stays silent. Phaneedra says let’s talk about it after the interview. Vasudhara tries to open the door but it doesn’t get opened.

Vasudhara knocks on the door for help but she doesn’t get any response. Vasudhara calls Rishi for help. Rishi goes to help Vasudhara. He opens the door and goes inside. Office boy again closes the door. Rishi asks Vasudhara what’s she thinking. Vasudhara says someone might be locked it intentionally. Rishi says it might happen by mistake. He knocks on the door. Office boy signs press reported that his work is done. Gautham comes to college and thinks he doesn’t see anything wrong as Dharani said.

Rishi tries to open another door. At that time office boy unlocks the door and leaves. Rishi again tries the main door then it gets open. Staff and press people come there. Press reporter talks ill about Rishi and Vasudhara’s character. Rishi tries to tell them the truth that the door is locked from the outside. The reporter says it’s open when we come so stop telling fake stories. Gautham thinks seems like it’s Devayani’s conspiracy and Rishi is trapped badly.

The reporter asks what are they doing in the room. Vasudhara tells whatever happened but The reporter says they are telling them a fabricated story and he asks why Vasudhara called Md for help when she can call her friends. The reporter asks why Md came to help the student. Mahindra comes out of the same room and asks if he can talk. Rishi, Vasudhara, and Jagathi feel happy seeing him. The reporter stays silent. Mahindra says Rishi came for me as I called him and 3 members are in the room. The reporter doesn’t know what to talk. Mahindra sends them to arrange for the interview. They leave. Rishi hugs Mahindra and tries to talk to him. Mahindra asks him to concentrate on the interview first.

Phaneedra and Gautham praise his entry. He asjs them to see the interview arrangements. Phaneedra leaves. Jagathi thanks Mahindra. Mahindra says you showed the mother’s love. Jagathi apologises to him. Mahindra says it’s okay. Jagathi asks how he entered the room. Mahindra tells her how he entered inside through another door seeing the issue.

Jagathi asks who might do it. Mahindra says we know who did it. Gautham asks cant they inform Rishi. Mahindra says they can inform when the time comes. Later Jagathi welcomes everyone to Vasudhara’s press conference. Jagathi asks Rishi to come and honour Vasudhara. Rishi also asks Mahindra and Phaneendra to come with him. Rishi, Phaneendra, and Mahindra get on the stage to honour Vasudhara.

Episode ends.