Guppedantha Manasu 21st October 2023 Written Update: Rishi and Vasudhara at a happy place

Guppedantha Manasu 21st October 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mahindra asking Vasudhara why she is still calling Rishi sir. He asks Vasudhara to address Rishi by his name like Jagathi used to call him with his name. Vasudhara says Rishi sir. Mahindra asks her to remove sir. Rishi smiles. Vasudhara tells Mahindra that she needs some time to change it. Mahindra agrees and asks her to call him Mavayya instead of Sir. Vasudhara calls him Mavayya. Mahindra feels happy. He asks them to go sightseeing and promises them that he won’t leave anywhere leaving the resort. They leave.

Rishi and Vasu go to see the nearby areas on a bike. They stop near a rainfall and spend a good time with each other. Rishi kisses her under rainfall.

Shailendra calls Rishi to find out where they went. Vasudhara picks up the call. Shailendra asks her where they went. Vasudhara tells him that he doesn’t need to know about their whereabouts. Shailendra says he just called to offer his help. Vasudhara says they don’t need his help and disconnects the call. Shailendra decides to find out Rishi’s whereabouts to execute his plan.

Shailendra asks Devayani to find out Rishi’s whereabouts from Phaneedra. Devayani agrees. Phaneedra comes to the dining table. He calls Dharani to serve them food. Dharani serves food to them. Devayani says she is unable to eat food. She tells him that she is missing Rishi and asks if Rishi called him. Phaneedra says no. Devayani asks Phaneedra to call Rishi to know about their whereabouts. Phaneedra says they will be fine so don’t worry. Devayani says she is worried about their safety. Phaneedra warns her to not talk negatively and reminds her that she made Mahindra and his family leave the house. Shailendra feels disappointed.

Vasudhara thinks that Shailendra is planning another attack on them. Two drunken men come to Vasudhara and try to trouble her. Mahindra saves Vasudhara from them. Mahindra asks why she comes out alone. Vasudhara tells him that Shailendra called Rishi to know their whereabouts. They decide to expose Shailendra in front of Rishi with proof. Rishi comes there and questions what they are talking about?

Episode ends.

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