Guppedantha Manasu 24th October 2023 Written Update: Anupama demands answers

Guppedantha Manasu 24th October 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mahindra visiting the place where he met Jagathi in the past. He recalls his memories with Jagathi and feels emotional. Anupama is shown to be capturing that place in her camera. Mahindra drops his purse. Anupama sees the purse and calls Mahindra but he doesn’t turn back. Anupama goes behind him.

Mahindra sits near a tree where he scribed Jagathi and his name in the past. Rishi and Vasudhara look for Mahindra. Mahindra thinks why time has separated them. Mahindra sees Anupama’s name. Anupama comes in front of Mahindra and calls Mahindra. Mahindra thinks Anupama is still angry with him. Anupama thinks she is unable to behave normally with him.

Mahindra hides a wine bottle from her. Anupama asks if he is drunk as he is not responding even though she called to return his purse. Mahindra says he didn’t hear her voice. She returns the purse to him and asks him why he didn’t bring Jagathi. Mahindra thinks he can’t face Anupama if she learns about Jagathi’s death. Anupama demands him to tell her where is Jagathi. Mahindra says Jagathi didn’t come.

Anupama reminds Mahindra that Jagathi is her best friend and asks him to tell her where is Jagathi. She says I heard your guys separated 20years back and seems like you guys didn’t reunite. She scolds him. Mahindra says she didn’t know the truth. Anupama says she will solve the issue between them. She asks him to tell her about Jagathi’s whereabouts. She asks Mahindra to forget what happen in their past. She asks him to tell her about Jagathi. Rishi and Vasudhara get lead on Mahindra’s location. Mahindra promises Anupama that he will tell her about Jagathi’s whereabouts in their next meet. Anupama asks him to give his address so she can meet. Mahindra says V resort. Anupama says she will come and meet him to know about Jagathi. She leaves from there.

Rishi and Vasudhara spot Mahindra and go to him. Rishi asks Mahindra why he came here without informing them. Mahindra says he just came out. Rishi asks who is the lady leaving from here. Mahindra lies about that he just told her address. Rishi takes Mahindra with him. Vasudhara sees Anupama name scribed on a tree along with Jagathi and Mahindra.

Anupama thinks about her meeting with Mahindra. Anupama’s Pedamma video calls Anupama. She asks Anupama why she looks sad. Anupama reveals she met Mahindra. Peddamma gets shocked. She asks if she really spotted him. Anupama says she met Mahindra in Araku. Peddamma asks if Jagathi is with him. Anupama says Jagathi is not with him and he didn’t answer her. Peddamma says you didn’t talk when the situation demands that’s why you stayed alone. Anupama says she just need Jagathi’s happiness and can’t bear if something happens to her. Pedamma asks what about Mahindra.

Episode ends.

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