Guppedantha Manasu 25th August 2022 Written Update: Vasudhara reveals her feelings to Rishi

Guppedantha Manasu 25th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vasudhara taking the stage and talking to the students and everyone. She tells about her memories in college. She says if this college is not there she will not be here because of it she became a youth icon. She says a life lesson and tells them to never lose their courage.

She says she has thank mainly three people and tells about them taking the name of Mahindra, Jagathi, and Rishi. Vasudhara thanks the DBST college for giving her this chance and cries on stage. Jagathi goes to console her. Rishi is surrounded by girls giving autographs to them. Vasudhara looks at him from a distance. They take a photo and the students also invite Vasudhara. She stands beside Rishi for the photo.

Rishi is shown to be driving a car at night thinking of Vasudhara. Rishi sees that Vasudhara is on the side of the road waiting. Rishi asks what is she doing here. Vasudhara says she has some work. Rishi asks about it. Vasudhara talks about indirectly about some baggage in her heart.

Rishi sees that the rain is about to come and asks Vasudhara to come in the car. Vasudhara says she has to tell him here. Rishi asks about it. Vasudhara doesn’t say anything. Rishi asks why is she not talking. Vasudhara talks about their journey and says she doesn’t know where her journey will take her with him. She says she has to tell the answer.

Rishi says I didn’t question you and you are saying you are going to give an answer. Vasudhara takes the gift that Rishi gave her when he proposed to her with the ring that she made for Sakshi and he notices that on the ring V and R are paired. Rishi thinks of what happened between them. Vasudhara says sometimes question and answer will be side by side. She says this gift is not just a gift it is a bridge between our hearts. Rishi says he doesn’t understand what she wants to say.

Vasudhara says she also didn’t understand her heart at first. Rishi says now my heart is broken. Vasudhara comments on it. Rishi says he still hears what she said at that time. He says she said no to him last time and now she is giving this gift with the ring. He says he can’t understand why lonely R is with V. He asks what’s all this. Vasudhara says it’s love. Rishi remembers what happened. Vasudhara reveals how guilty she is feeling about why she said no when he proposed to her.

Vasudhara says sometimes the person who gives pain feels more pain than the person who is hurt. Rishi says you said no last time and now you are saying yes why is this? Vasudhara reveals her moments about how she felt. Vasudhara says she had a lot of goals but when she sees him sad she can’t remember her goals she can only see him, she wants to be with him, she wants her journey to be with him. Vasudhara says “there is no Vasudhara without Rishi that’s why I paired R with V”. Vasudhara apologizes and asks him to accept her love and says “I love you”.

Episode ends