Guppedantha Manasu 25th January 2023 Written Update: Rishi to the rescue

Guppedantha Manasu 25th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rishi walking alone on the road. He thinks he doesn’t understand why Vasudhara did it to him. Rishi sees someone’s Shadow and understands that Vasudhara is following him and asks her to come outside. Vasudhara comes in front of Rishi. Rishi asks Vasudhara why is she following him. Vasudhara says she wants to talk to him. Rishi says he got all answers and asks her to leave. He sits on a bench and feels bad. Vasudhara sees Rishi and thinks she is a shadow of Rishi’s heart. Rishi throws rocks to pass time. Vasudhara sits beside Rishi. She throws a rock that perfectly falls into the glass. Rishi tries to leave seeing Vasudhara’s mangalsutra. Vasudhara stops him and insists him to listen to what’s she going to say. Rishi thinks about how can she behave normally with him. He asks her to leave and leaves from there.

Vasudhara returns home and she cries thinking about her situation. Chakrapani notices Vasudhara’s state and asks if she is missing Rishi. Vadudhara says her heart is hurt. Chakrapani asks her to not misunderstand Rishi even if he says you something as he is so good. He advises her to clear the differences between her and Rishi by revealing the truth. He says he will talk to Rishi and his parents. Vasudhara says no, I tried to tell him but it’s not working. Chakrapani consoles her.

Mahindra and Jagathi discuss Vasudhara’s presence is hurting Rishi but it’s good that Rishi is staying here. Mahindra says Vasudhara and Rishi dreamed of a life together but everything is changed and Rishi is not even changing his pain with me. Jagathi says Rishi has to deal with it so it’s better if we stay away from this matter.

Rishi misses Vasudhara. On another side, Vasudhara thinks Rishi is not allowing her to tell the truth. She calls Rishi. He attends the call. She asks him if he will accompany her to meet the minister. Rishi disconnects the call. Vasudhara feels bad.

Later staff members go to meet Vasudhara. Vasudhara asks staff members to read the file before they going to meet Minister. Staff members discuss about Vasudhara and Rishi’s matter and Vasudhara’s marriage. Vasudhara asks them to stop discussing about her life and she asks them to concentrate on work. After some time they go to meet Minister in a car but their car gets breaks down on the way. Rishi comes to that side and stops his car. He asks the lecturers if they didn’t reach the office. Madam says their car got broke down. Rishi says he will drop them off and asks them to sit in the car. Rishi thinks about in which seat Vasudhara will sit. Vasudhara also feels conflicted about it. Lecturers ask her to sit fastly. Vasudhara sits in the backseat. While driving the car Rishi thinks Vasudhara is changed. Madam says to Rishi ‘Vasudhara married without inviting them’. She asks Vasudhara about her husband and his occupation. Vasudhara asks her to leave the topic and she asks Madam to tell the points they added in the file. Rishi says he remembers everything.

Episode ends.