Guppedantha Manasu 25th October 2023 Written Update: Vasudhara exposes Devayani and Shailendra’s evil schemes to Rishi

Guppedantha Manasu 25th October 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Peddamma saying to Anupama that you didn’t talk when the situation demanded that’s why you stayed alone. Anupama says she just needs Mahindra and Jagathi’s happiness and can’t bear it if something happens to Jagathi. Peddamma asks what about Mahindra. She asks Anupama if she wants to confess her feelings to them if she gets a chance. Anupama says she never reveals her feelings to them. Peddamma asks her to cool down and disconnects the call. Anupama decides to know where Jagathi is from Mahindra.

Anupama calls Mahindra. Mahindra attends the call. Anupama cuts the call hearing his voice. Mahindra realises Anupama may called him as no one knows that he is staying in V’s cottage.

Vasudhara thinks about who is Anupama. Mahindra wondered why Anupama left the city in the past. Mahindra thinks Anupama will kill him if she learns Jagathi is no more. Rishi thinks Mahindra is not leaving his drinking habit in Araku also. Vasudhara thinks Araku is linked with Mahindra’s past and she decides to learn the truth. Anupama thinks she will reunite Jagathi and Mahindra.

Later Mahindra wakes up from his sleep saying Anu and Jagathi. Rishi comes to Mahindra and asks him what happened and who is Anu. Mahindra says he doesn’t want to stay in Araku. He requests Rishi to take him back from Araku. Rishi says they can leave after some days. Mahindra says he is unable to sleep. Rishi asks him to drink to sleep. Mahindra agrees. Rishi also says to Mahindra that he will also drink with him as he is also having the pain of losing his mother. Vasudhara comes there and takes a wine bottle from Rishi. Mahindra requests Mahindra to leave drinking. Mahindra says he will leave drinking if they bring Jagathi. Vasudhara and Rishi plead with him to change. Mahindra asks them to leave. Vasudhara and Rishi leave for their room. Mahindra starts drinking wine.

Vasudhara sits on the lawn. Rishi comes to her. SI calls Rishi and tells him that they didn’t find any clue. Rishi asks them to try to find the clue. Vasudhara asks him what happened. Rishi says the Inspector didn’t find any clue. He asks Vasudhara to tell the truth about his foes. He says he will believe her words. Vasudhara stays silent. Rishi asks if she knows who is his enemy. Vasudhara says she knows about it. Rishi demands her to tell the truth. Vasudhara says it’s Shailendra.

Rishi asks why Shailendra will do it. Vasudhara says Shailendra wants an MD seat that’s why he planned attacks on you. Rishi asks if Devayani knows about it. Vasudhara says Devayani is the one behind Shailendra. Vasudhara exposes Shailendra and Devayani’s evil schemes to Rishi. Rishi asks why she didn’t tell the truth till now. Vasudhara says she doesn’t have any proof against them. Rishi asks how she can blame them without proof. Rishi says Devayani and Shailendra are good. Vasudhara says they are devils. Rishi loses cool and slaps her. Vasudhara comes out from her imagination and assures Rishi that he will know about his foes soon.

Episode ends.

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