Guppedantha Manasu 27th October 2023 Written Update: Anupama berates Mahindra

Guppedantha Manasu 27th October 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anupama dropping Rishi at his resort. Mahindra is shocked to see Anupama with Rishi. He hides from Anupama. Rishi invites Anupama to drink coffee. Anupama says she needs to meet her friend urgently and will have dinner with his family next time. Rishi agrees. Anupama warns him to be careful. She leaves.

Mahindra asks Rishi why she came with her. Rishi says Anupama rescued him from the accident and dropped him here. He asks if he knows her. Mahindra says he doesn’t know about her. Mahindra decides to talk to Anupama before Rishi learns the truth.

Vasudhara waits for Rishi. Rishi returns to his room. Vasudhara asks where he went as his phone is also not available. Rishi tells Vasudhara about the attack on him. Vasudhara asks if he is fine. Rishi says I’m fine as Anupama saved me. Vasudhara thinks it’s Shailendra’s work. Rishi says he is feeling bad for not finding out about his foes. Vasudhara asks him to think peacefully to know who his foes are. She gives him a clue that his enemies are always near. She asks him to come to eat lunch. She says Mahindra is not in the room. Rishi says Dad is outside and he wants to be alone for some time.

Mahindra meets Anupama. Anupama asks him to tell her about Jagathi. Mahindra asks Anupama to tell him about her husband and kids. Anupama asks him to not avoid the topic. Mahindra asks Anupama to not discuss Jagathi’s topic. Anupama berates him for concealing the facts about Jagatgi. Mahindra asks Anupama to tell him about her family. Anupama says she will tell him when Jagathi is with him. Anupama asks Mahindra what he is hiding. She demands him to tell her about Jagathi holding his collar. Mahindra asks her to leave him. She leaves him. Mahindra says he needs to leave. Anupama says she will drop him at the resort. He agrees.

Anupama drops Mahindra at his resort. She asks if he wouldn’t even invite her to have a coffee. Mahindra comments on it. She asks when he stops drinking. Mahindra says I met my old friend so I may leave my drinking habit too. Vasudhara from the balcony sees Anupama’s back. She thinks about who is with Mahindra. Anupama thinks something has happened and leaves from there. Vasudhara invites Mahindra to eat dinner. Mahindra says his dinner is over and asks them to enjoy their dinner. He leaves. Rishi tells Vasudhara that he is so happy as his father returned home without drinking. Rishi tells Vasudhara that they can return to their place once they see happiness in Mahindra’s face. Vasudhara agrees and thinks if the lady she spotted with Mahindra is the reason for his change.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rishi asks Mahindra why he called them. Mahindra shows them a decorated jeep. He asks them to go and enjoy seeing the places. Rishi and Vasudhara are shown to be spending valuable time.

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