Guppedantha Manasu 28th October 2023 Written Update: Vasudhara rebukes Shailendra

Guppedantha Manasu 28th October 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mahindra wondering whether it is good for Anupama to re-enter his life or not. He is afraid of what will happen if Anupama comes to know that Jagati is dead. Vasudhara gives lassi to Mahindra and asks if he really ate dinner. Mahindra tells her he ate at a hotel with his friend. Vasudhara asks him about his friend. Mahindra says they didn’t know about her. Vasudhara asks him to rest and comes out of his room.

Shailendra calls Vasudhara and asks how their araku trip is. Vasudhara says she already knows that he messaged her from Dharani’s phone as Dharani already knows we are in Araku. Shailendra looks shocked. Vasudhara asks Shailendra to save his ways. She tells him that Rishi will punish him and asks him to leave hopes on MD’s seat. Shailendra loses his cool and tells her that he will get an MD seat in his way. He warns her to not hurt his ego. Vasudhara comments on him and disconnects the call.

Dharani comes there with a coffee and asks him to drink it. Shailendra questions why she acted like she didn’t know about Vasudhara’s whereabouts. He comments that they are great actors.

The next day, Rishi thinks about who is behind the attacks. Shailendra asks Phaneedra to call Rishi and tell them to return from the trip as college is reopened. Phaneedra says he will not call them back until they return. He says they can handle college matters. Shailendra is annoyed. Devayani comments that Rishi is not even contacting them. Phaneedra says Rishi is updating Mahindra’s progress regularly. He receives Rishi’s call and goes aside to talk to him.

Shailendra tells Devayani that he will plan another attack to make Rishi and his family return from the trip. Devayani asks Shailendra to not do anything and says she will make him get an MD seat with her plotting. Shailendra agrees.

Rishi and Vasudhara cone to Mahindra. Rishi asks Mahindra why he called them. Mahindra shows them a decorated jeep hr readied for them. He asks them to go and enjoy seeing the places in open open-top jeep. Rishi and Vasudhara leave from there and spend some valuable time. Mahindra calls the decorator and readies room with flowers for Rishi and Vasudhara’s first night. Mahindra promises Jagathi that he will make Rishi and Vasudhara happy and asks her to be born as Rishi and Vasudhara’s baby.

Episode ends.

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