Guppedantha Manasu 30th September 2022 Written Update: Devayani questions Gautham to find out Mahindra’s plan.

Guppedantha Manasu 30th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mahindra, Gautham, and Jagathi finalizing their plan on bringing Rishi and Vasudhara together. Mahindra asks Jagathi if there is any pending work of Mission education. Jagathi says she will look. Devayani thinks of what they are doing in the room.

Rishi recalls Vasudhara while looking at the wound. Mahindra brings him coffee. Rishi asks Mahindra why did he need to bring coffee. Mahindra gives an example and says it is a kind of satisfaction as a father. Mahindra takes the coffee cup after he drinks and says to Rishi there is a meeting in the college on Mission education. Mahindra says Jagathi and himself will handle it. Rishi says he will also join them. Mahindra agrees.

Mahindra looks at the love momento of himself and Vasudhara and thinks only a small thought is dividing them now. Jagathi comes and asks Rishi to look at the file. Rishi says we will talk in the meeting about it. Jagathi leaves.

Mahindra and Jagathi wait for Rishi. Rishi comes and joins the meeting. Rishi talks about Mission education. Jagathi also says someone is coming as a mission education coordinator from the education ministry. Vasudhara asks for permission and says she is the coordinator from the Ministry of education. Rishi hearing this gets surprised. Rishi gives her permission. Vasudhara comes and joins them. Vasudhara says she took a job in the Ministry of education for mission education. Everyone claps hearing it. Vasudhara starts talking about the new plan from mission education. Rishi says we will agree to it. Vasudhara asks Rishi for some signatures.

When Rishi tries to close the laptop because of the injury he feels pain. Rishi says everything is alright and asks Mahindra and everyone to leave. Vasudhara is also about to leave but she comes back and looks at the wound. Vasudhara says to Rishi he has to be careful. Rishi says all wounds are life lessons. Rishi asks Vasudhara when did Minister ask them to come. Vasudhara says right after the meeting. Rishi says to Vasudhara let’s go.

Devayani tries to asks Gautham about what they are doing in the room. Gautham thinks to himself that he doesn’t know why she is asking but he decides not to tell Devayani about their plan. Gautham makes something up but doesn’t tell about the plan. Devayani understands that she will be not get anything out of Gautham and leaves.

Mahindra calls the minister and thanks him for giving Vasudhara the job as Mission education coordinator. Minister praises Vasudhara and says he feels relieved that Vasudhara is working on this project. Minister says to Mahindra that they also have to make this scheme a success. Mahindra agrees.

Rishi asks Vasudhara where is her car. Vasudhara asks what is he talking about. Rishi says to Vasudhara that he thought she came in a car as a government representative. Vasudhara says she came in a cab. Vasudhara says she got the job as an outsourcing job. Rishi asks why didn’t she tell him? Vasudhara says she didn’t know if she could get the job or not and says that’s why she didn’t tell him anything. Rishi says she used to work as his assistant and asks Vasudhara if she remembers it. Vasudhara says she then used to work as a student and says now she is going to be his assistant in life.

Episode ends.