Guppedantha Manasu 31st October 2023 Written Update: Rishi and Vasudhara decide to learn about Anupama

Guppedantha Manasu 31st October 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anupama advising Rishi and Vasudhara to vacate the place for their safety. Mahindra says he too feels the same. He asks Rishi and Vasudhara’s opinion. They agree to leave from Araku. Vasudhara thanks Anu and asks her name. Anupama says her name is Anupama. Vasudhara and Rishi think if Anu is related to Mahindra.

Vasudhara and Rishi return home. Vasudhara tells Rishi that Anupama is related to Mahindra’s past and I feel a change in Mahindra happened because of her. Rishi feels surprised. They decide to learn about Anupama. Mahindra comes there calling Rishi’s name. Mahindra says to Rishi that wish we didn’t go to Araku. Rishi is about to ask him about Anupama but Vasudhara stops him. Mahindra tells Rishi that they need to catch the attacker to know about the real culprit. Rishi says he will catch the culprit with police help. He asks Mahindra if he left drinking. Mahindra says mostly he will try to avoid it. He leaves. Rishi tells Vasudhara that Mahindra is not ready to tell them about Anupama. Rishi says the truth will be out when the time comes.

Devayani asks Shailendra what’s he thinking. Shailendra says he is thinking about how to get an MD seat. Devayani says she feels he can’t get the seat and asks if he will return to foreign. Shailendra asks him to not discourage him. He asks her to think of a plan that will help him get the MD position. Devayani says if the rest die, their dream will come true. Phaneedra comes there and questions over their discussion. He demands them to answer. Dharani manages the situation.

Devayani acts like she is missing Jagathi. Phaneedra rebukes her. Phaneedra requests Dharani to not let Shailendra and Devayani talk to each other. Dharani agrees. Dharani and Phaneedra leave. Devayani shares her plan with Shailendra. Shailendra asks her to execute his plan and says he will do his work. Devayani asks Shailendra to enquire about Anupama secretly otherwise we will get exposed. Shailendra agrees.

Vasudhara folds her sarees. Rishi comes there and offers his help to Vasudhara. Vasu tells him that she doesn’t like him to fold her clothes. Rishi says he will do it for his wife. Vasudhara refuses to take his help. Rishi tries to snatch the saree. Vasudhara runs from there. Rishi chases her. Mahindra feels happy sending their happiness.

Episode ends.

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