Karthika Deepam: A shocker for Mounitha

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Maa TV popular show Karthika Deepam serial is witnessing some major turning points. Currently, Mounitha escapes from Soundarya have glued the audience to the screens.

As reported earlier, Deepa gets to know from the doctor that Karthik is the one who operated on her. Deepa couldn’t believe what she heard and asks for confirmation again. Deepa questions Karthik if what the doctor said is true.

Karthik admits he recalled his past and says he will answer her later and asks her to take rest first. Deepa goes into sleep because of anesthesia.
Mounitha escapes with Anand from Soundarya lying to Hima saying she will come in a minute.

Roshini gives the job of finding Mounitha’s whereabouts to Ratna Sita and gives a deadline of 7 days. Deepa questions Karthik on when did he recall his past and why didn’t he tell her till now?

Karthik says he recalled his past when they went to Sanga Reddy. He says he couldn’t tell her because of Mounitha. Deepa starts asking her doubts. Karthik says he will answer all her questions after she gets discharged and asks her to take rest.

In the upcoming episode, viewers are going to witness Deepa will question Karthik if the husband’s love is only seen when the wife is not feeling well.

Karthik says all husbands love their wives and says if the wives are sick at that time they show their responsibility. Deepa asks what would happen if she didn’t survive. Karthik asks Deepa not to talk like that.

Soundarya questions Mounitha about who is she going to kill this time. Mounitha points a gun at Soundarya and says she is going to first kill her. Soundarya comes to a side. Mounitha sees that behind Soundarya is Police Officer Roshini.

Mounitha gets stunned seeing Roshini.
Will Indrudu be able to find Deepa?

How Mounitha will escape from Roshini?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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