Guppedantha Manasu: Mahindra asks Vasudhara to Promise

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Star Maa’s popular hit show “Guppedantha Manasu” is all set to engage it’s audience with its story line. Audience are in love with the unique storyline and the lead couple “Vasudhara” and “Rishi”. In yesterday’s episode We saw Mahindra showing a saree to Dharani and telling her that he is gifting this saree to Jagathi. Dharani praises the saree. Rishi asks him about it to which he tells him about the birthday. He remembers how he chose cake for the birthday. He gets into argument with Mahindra for making the college a function hall for birthday. He even gets angry at Phanindra for agreeing to it. He then goes to Jagathi’s house and calls Vasudhara sitting in his car and says that she made him chose the cake without telling him the name of the person. He says that she has betrayed him. He asks her to meet him but she denies saying that it’s not the right place. Mahindra comes there and takes him from there. Next Morning Vasudhara goes to meet Rishi.

In the today’s episodes we will get see Rishi saying that she has made him chose the cake. She has betrayed him by not telling him her name. Vasudhara says that she doesn’t think that she has done wrong. Vasudhara tells him that he is the MD and he should come to the function and it will only make him grear. He shows her his hand and denies to come to the function. Mahindra smiles listening their conversation. In the party Mahindra apologises for failing to bring Rishi to the party to Jagathi who is upset not finding him there. Jagathi says she is not lucky. Vasudhara tells her that he has chose the cake and that’s enough for now. Dharani comes there and wishes Jagathi. Jagathi imagines Rishi making everyone emotional. Jagathi is about to cut the cake but Rishi comes there carrying a bocquet. Vasudhara shows him to Jagathi who gets shocked but then her eyes fill with happy tears seeing him there.

In the upcoming episodes we will see Rishi giving bocquet to Jagathi. Mahindra asks Vasudhara did she notice the happiness in Jagathi’s eyes when Rishi came to the party. Vasudhara says that she has never seen her soo happy. Mahindra says that it’s time for her to pay for the help her teacher has done to her. He asks her to promise him that he will bring them closer to eachother. Vasudhara gets shocked hearing him.

Will Vasudhara promise Mahindra? How will Vasudhara bring Rishi and Jagathi closer?

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