Guppedantha Manasu: Rishi gets to know about Jagathi’s birthday

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Star Maa’s popular hit show “Guppedantha Manasu” is all set to engage it’s audience with its story line. Audience are in love with the unique storyline and the lead couple “Vasudhara” and “Rishi”. In yesterday’s episode We saw Rishi leaving from the restaurant angrily after she tells him why she wants Rajeev to be free. At Jagathi’s home Mahindra saya that it’s wrong to go near a wounded tiger. Vasudhara shares her views. Jagathi praises her for her thoughts. Rishi gives tuition fees to Vasudhara. He asks her to count them and says a quote making her laugh. In the office Vasudhara tells the Chairman to celebrate Jagathi’s birthday as she has done soo much for the college. He agrees. Jagathi lashes out at Vasudhara for trying to celebrate her birthday in the office. Rishi comes there with a file.

In the today’s episodes we will get to see Jagathi agreeing to celebrate her birthday after Phanindra and Mahindra force her. Rishi comes there and asks them whether they agreed to which Vasudhara says all of them did. Later Vasudhara tells her friend that she should buy a beautiful gift for Jagathi. Rishi asks her as to whose birthday it is. She says someone close to her heart not wanting to upset him. Rishi takes Vasudhara to the bakery as Sireesh who was supposed to pick up Vasudhara got some work. In the bakery Rishi choses cake while Vasundhara thinks that it’s a big gift for Jagathi. The man asks them as to whose name he should write to which Vasudhara gets shocked.

In the upcoming episodes we will see Mahindra showing a saree to Dharani and telling her that he is gifting this saree to Jagathi. Dharani praises the saree. Rishi asks him about it to which he tells him about the birthday. He remembers how he chose cake for the birthday. He calls Vasudhara sitting in his car and says that she made him chose the cake without telling him the name of the person. He says that she has betrayed him.

How will Rishi react to the celebrations? What will Rishi do?

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