Guppedantha Manasu: Rishi is upset with Vasudhara

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Star Maa’s hit popular show Guppedantha Manasu is all set to engage it’s audience with it’s twists and turns. The show’s main leads Vasudhara and Rishi are loved for their chemistry. Rishi is an arrogant Professor while Vasudhara is an intelligent and strong headed girl.

In yesterday’s episode we saw Vasudhara and Rishi meeting the slum people and explaining them about the mission education. Rishi tells them that they will provide them a work which will pay them a good money and will provide education as well. The slum people agree. Vasudhara distributes the chocolates to the slum children. She then gives the only one chocolate left to Rishi. He asks to share and she takes his handkerchief and bites on the chocolate keeping it inside. They both eat it. She asks to wash it but he takes it from her.

In the today’s episode we will get to see Rishi looking at his handkerchief which Vasudhara used to bite the chocolate and remembers the moments. The handkerchief blews away because of the blowing wind. Devayani is about to step on it but Rishi stops her from doing so and takes it from the floor. Devayani asks him as to why he is treating it like it is made of silk. Rishi doesn’t say anything. Devayani tries to provoke him again Vasundhara by bringing her up but fails to do so. He goes back to his room and sitting on the bed, looks at the handkerchief in his hand sitting on the bed and thinks about Vasudhara.

In the upcoming episodes we will see Rishi shouting at Vasudhara and asking her can’t she keep things to herself and was it important to tell everyone about their meeting with Slum. Vasundhara asks whom did she say to which he says she told Sireesh. Rishi asks Jagathi to stop letting Sireesh come to their house to meet Vasudhara. Jagathi says she can’t do anything if he likes her and wants to meet her. He says some people act on their liking while some deny to accept that they like someone.

How will Rishi realise his Love for Vasudhara? Will Rishi ever let Jagathi come close to him? Can Vasudhara mend the differences between them? Will Vasundhara ever be able to bring Rishi and Jagathi closer? When will Vasudhara anc Rishi realise their Love for each other?

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