Guppedantha Manasu: Sireesh catches the thief

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Star Maa’s popular hit show “Guppedantha Manasu” is all set to engage it’s audience with its story line. Audience are in love with the unique storyline and the lead couple “Vasudhara” and “Rishi”. In yesterday’s episode Rishi driving the car with Vasudhara beside him when he sees Rajeev standing in the middle of the road stopping their way. He asks her to wait in the car while she asks him not to fight with him. Rajeev says that he is behaving like her bodyguard and is it his work. Rishi says it is not a mistake to protect from useless people. Rajeev is about to leave but Rishi stops him and holding him by his collar shouts that it is not wrong to hurt such people like him.

Rajeev tells Vasudhara that she is going a mistake. Vasudhara frees Rajeev from him saying it’s enough. Rajeev says she has done wrong by saying his name to the police. Rishi holds his collar and tells him that he will not leave him if he has stolen the money. Vasudhara makes him sit in the car and they both leave. Vasudhara tells Rishi that forgiving has more Peacefulness and asks him to think about it. Later Mahindra takes Dharani’s help to fulfill Jagathi’s Wish.

In today’s episode we will get to see Rishi having the sweet made by Jagathi happily. He is mesmerized by the taste and praises Dharani. Dharani thinks it’s tasty because of the love his mother mixed in it. He then shares about Vasudhara to Dharani who asks him whether he is noticing the change to which he says he will never change. Next Morning Rishi praises Dharani infront of Devayani for the sweet. Devayani questions. Mahindra covers it up for her. Later in the evening Sireesh comes to Jagathi’s house. Mahindra asks him as to why he is not saying anything about his visit to which Sireesh says there is more to come.

In upcoming episode we will get to see Rajeev coming into a house and asking as to why did he call him to Sireesh. Sireesh says that he got to know about the thief hence he is here and opens his mobile. Rajeev tries to escape but Rishi comes there and tells him that he won’t let him escape.

Is Sireesh saying the truth about getting to know the thief? What will Rajeev do?

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