Hamariwali Good News 12th April 2021 Written Update: Mukund misses Renuka badly

Hamariwali Good News 12th April 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Aditya lashes out at those imposters for coming to their house with fake Renuka and baby and claims one lakh rupees. Mukund blames Aditya for this mess and says due to your lack of wisdom all these are happening with us. He says to him you can never appreciate me enough. It’s not that my intentions are wrong, it was a genuine effort from my side. We are just trying to search for our mother only since she is missing and we are enabled to have a single clue. Preeti says to Mukund I will fix the rangoli but he says do not try, you will only make it worse. Later Sumitra experiences some abstract shadows in the house and she wonders who it can be and actually follows it and looks here and there. She doesn’t find anything and then she checks the hall and the kitchen area as well but no one is there. She concludes that maybe she is hallucinating and it was nothing more than that.

However her chain of thoughts were broken when she noticed the footprints made of water on the floor and it was going in the direction of the back door. She is going to check that but at the same time she notices that someone is opening the window and she tries to look at it from a corner. Aditya comes inside his house and the first thing he notices is the perfect rangoli which got messed up in the morning.

He thinks perhaps his elder sister or his aunty have done this on behalf of their mother. He enquiries the same from Sumitra but she denies and says maybe Preeti did. She asks Aditya what he is doing in this house? He says I belong to this house and I can come here any day.

Preeti comes back in the house and gets surprised to see the rangoli and asks Aditya if he has fixed it. He says neither I nor my aunty Sumitra did it and now you are saying even you did not do it, then who? Alok says maybe the ghost of Renuka is doing all these and Aditya shouts at him. He asks him to keep a hold on his tongue. Preeti asks all to pray from Lord Krishna for their mother as she believes in him so much and only he can guide us somehow to find our mother.

Aditya notices something on the dress of Akki and confronts her in the room about the same. He gets so angry at her but she told me that she has doubts on Sumitra hence she was trying to create an illusion with the name of Renuka so that if she is guilty then she can speak up. Mukund is missing Renuka so much and hopes to get a feedback, reply or sign from her about her presence as he can feel her around but is unable to trace her. Mukund calls someone on the phone and asks them to come to his house tomorrow morning as he has some important talk.

Episode ends.

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