Hamariwali Good News 13th April 2021 Written Update: Mukund calls the cops at home

Hamariwali Good News 13th April 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Sumitra opening the door after the doorbell rings and she gets shocked to see police officers standing in front of her. She thinks maybe Renuka got to know about her plan and game and she let Mukund know about it as well and that is why he called the cops in the house in this early morning time. She gets scared that if they are here just to catch her and take her to the jail. She tries to know what they are talking but Mukund says that I will not have a chat with the police officers here and calls him inside his bedroom and locks the door from inside.

Sumitra with the help of the constable tries to know what they are talking about and what they are planning ahead. Mukund explains the entire situation to the police officers and also tells him about the happenings in the house. He even informs them about the phone call and says that as soon as someone picked it up, it got disconnected and then the cell was switched off. The police officers says to Mukund after hearing everything that it seems like Renuka is not kidnapped and neither was she lost. It seems like she was around her own family, keeping an eye on everything and choosing to hide herself from everybody.

The inspector says to Mukund if she doesn’t want to come out then it is impossible for all of us to find an adult person who doesn’t want to come in front and this is the reason neither the police forces nor any system footage of this locality have any visuals of her going out. He says to Mukund that maybe she has a fear of her life, maybe she was worried about her child and that is why she is not coming in front. He says as her guardian if Mr Mukund permits us then we can send constables to search the houses in the local area. Preeti on the other hand is upset so much and she is crying remembering the old happy moments of her with her mother Renuka. Aditya also comes and sits besides her, both of them reminiscing about their old moments and missing Renuka terribly. Preeti informs Aditya about the unusual activities in the house and also the possibilities of Renuka being around.

Sumitra calls a priest in the house and he is referring to Renuka as a ghost and says he can easily locate her around and she will not be able to go away from his attention. Mukund gets angry on him and he throws him out of the house. He calls him a fake and imposter and warns Sumitra not to repeat such mistakes again. Sumitra decided that she had enough of Renuka and she will not let her ruin her plan. At night, Mukund gets hopeful when Renuka sees his message in the whatsapp. Elsewhere someone with a kid in arms is asking a man not to switch on the lights so that no one can get to know about it.

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