Hamariwali Good News 14th January 2021 Written Update: Renuka destroys the plan of Sumitra to take Mukund away

Hamariwali Good News 14th January 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Sumitra doing another drama in front of Mukund and says her old friend called her and says so much to her regarding the matter of Renuka and she is fed up with all the taunts and mockings. Mukund listens to everything and decides to go to Mathura with Sumitra and settle down there.

Sumitra gets happy and says to Mukund then I will asks Indu to pack our bags . He says I have some remaining work left in Vrindavan and once that is done we can leave for Mathura. Sumitra asks him not to go anywhere to do the pending job and they can easily work there together along with her husband. Mukund denies such proposal and says I will not be a burden on anyone and will be a self-dependant man at least this much that I can spend the expenses of me and my family. Atleast till the date our divorce is not happening officially, Renuka and her expenses are my responsibility.

Renuka overhears their conversion from outside of the room and Mukund says legally she is still my wife. Sumitra wants to know from him then you think on the same line about the unborn child too? Should I conclude that you will not give her divorce due to the affection you devloped for the kid? He says there is nothing like that but this is my duty and I will do it. Indu calls them and asks to come and see what Renuka and Navya are doing in the house.

They come out of the house and notices that Renuka and Navya are changing the nameplate and replaced it with a nameplate including the name of Renuka and asks them why are you surprised all off a sudden? Since Renuka is also an owner of the house she deserves to have her name written on the nameplate and then they called the plumber inside and asks him to break the pillar and make a wall and also makes a small window out of it. They are talking when Sumiytra tries to protest but she says this is my portion of the house and I can do anything here and you shouldn’t have any problem with it at all.

Mukund is watching everything being a silent spectator when Sumitra asks him to keep his opinion and don’t stand there like a statue. He asks the plumber to go away from there and cancel going to Mathura and says I built this house with so much of hardwork and dreams and I will not let anyone do any kind of constrictions here anymore.

Renuka and Navya gets happy that finally their plan is working and it worked properly and in the way it should be done. Later on Renuka says to Navya that she overhears the conversation of Sumitra and that goon and she is going to meet him today and if we can make Mukund see this with his own eyes then there is a scope that we can prove our point to him.

Navya makes a plan and they also used Ashraf in their plan work as well to make Sumitra and Indu unconscious and then Navya send a message to Mukund from Sumitra’s phone and also blocked his number so that they can not contact each other in any way. Later on during the evening Sumitra gets uo from sleep and goes to give money to that goon and says he is blackmailing me because he doesn’t know me at all and goes away from there after asking Indu to keep her eyes open, Renuka also goes with Sumitra by lying in the dicky of the car.

NAvya is cooking in teh kitchen when Indu throws all the garbages of her side in the opposite direction and asks Navya to clean it since it is in her side and she says if that is the case and goes out and comes back with lots of eggs. While Aditya faces rejection and tauts again while applying for a job application. Navya throws the eggs in the side of Indu and asks her to clean it before Sumitra comes there or else she can throw her out too and Indu says I will see you later and Navya told her that I am not Renuka that you will do anything and I will keep quiet.

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