Hamariwali Good News 21st November 2020 Written Update: Renuka is finding a chance to talk to Mukund

Hamariwali Good News 21st November 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Renuka watching Mukund is back in home and Renuka thinks if his mood is good for today!! She thinks should I talk to him about my mind? She thinks there should be a thermometer to measure the mood of people. She goes to talk to him but he is busy watching his favourite thriller show.

 Navy and Adi comes to her and says they are leaving for her mother house as they didn’t visit her from a long time and that’s why they are going today. Mukund asks them to go and have fun while Renuka says go and take your time with full fun.

They leave after bidding them goodbye and Mukund is trying to fix the tv and he gets a channel where the song of Madhuri Dixit is coming and he says yes I will watch it because I love the song and Renuka says to him Madhuri is your favourite so enjoy her songs and I am bringing spicy potato chat for you. After sometime she brings spicy potatoes for him and Mukund thinks why she is taking care of me so much today?

He thinks is she going to talk about exceeding budget for the homely expenses. Renuka is about to talk when the cable again creates problem. On the other side, Sumitra and Indu are bitching about Navya and Renuka and says I am sure both the ladies are hiding something from us and are playing a big game behind their innocent faces. She says pack the bags and we will leave for their house tomorrow morning only. She says I will not let them go out of my commanding easily.

 Renuka is feeling annoyed that she is not even getting any chance to talk to her husband. She gives her phone to him for watching live TV and says my phone password is Tiwari ji but as soon as he is going to watch Kusum is calling her back to back and Mukund gets angry and left from there. Mukund goes inside his room and locks it and murmurs that his entire mood is ruined.

After sometime, Renuka calls for him and he gets shocked to see a goon is holding knife close to Renuka’s throat and she is asking him to call police and asking him to fight back. He asks that man to keep the knife away but the goon makes a scratch on her neck. Mukund gets angry and marched towards him saying I told you to keep the knife away.

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