Hamariwali Good News 1st December 2020 Written Update: Navya and Alok confronts each other

Hamariwali Good News 1st December 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Navya is coming out of a boutique when she notices Sanjay with Aishwarya and she decided to go behind them and check herself. She goes to check herself and sees Sanjay and Aishwarya are having their private moment inside the flat. She gets to know that Sanjay is getting married to Aanchal for the sake of his family.

 She gets disgusted with this and directly goes away from there but while going away she made some sound and Sanjay gets to know about Navya. He calls Alok and asked him to handle Navya or else he will ruin him. Alok says I will control her and I have full control over her. On other hand, Dr.Raghav is calling his sister and says I bought the gift for you exactly the way you wanted.

 However while searching for it, he doesn’t get it and recalled that maybe he left the packet of the saree at the Tiwari house. While at the Tiwari house, Mukund creates a huge chaos in the house and blames Renuka for the gift packet. She thinks that the saree packet is for Renuka gifted by Dr. Raghav. He thinks she gifted him this to wear and he tries to force her to wear the saree but Renuka protested and says I am not going to wear this and moves away from there but Mukund is too desperate with her.

On the other side, Alok blocks the way of Navya ‘s auto and asks her to come inside his car and he will give her lift. Navya accepts happily and she goes inside his car and he starts to run the car in full speed which is disturbing for her. She keep on asking him to stop the car but she doesn’t listen and runs and swirl the car in full speed in whatever direction he wants.

Then he stops the car at a point and Navya goes out of the car when he asks do you want to tell the entire house members about the affair of Aishwarya and Sanjay? If yes then don’t even think about it because this marriage will take place at any cost. Navya says I will not let you spoil the life of Aanchal.

 Alok says you have no idea that to what extent I can go to fulfill my motive. He shows her the letter of Renuka and says I will expose your and my mother-in-law’s lie in front of all and I am dying to see the reaction of Sumitra aunty after that. Other side, Raghav comes to Tiwari house to take back his packet but Mukund behaves worst with him and also starts to blame him with his self made stories.

Raghav tries to make him understand but he doesn’t listen. Mukund says Raghav and Renuka being in a illegitimate relationship and they should be exposed for this and Raghav loses his cool here and grabs the collar of Mukund and asks him to shut up.

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