Hamariwali Good News 21st January 2021 Written Update: Mukund and Renuka performed together at the school

Hamariwali Good News 21st January 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Sumitra watching Yash asking Mukund and Renuka to come along with him to his school for parents teacher meet since his own parents are busy for the day. He asks her to come out of the car while he himself makes Renuka sit at the front seat and he himself gets settled in her lap. Mukund says to Sumitra he will be back soon however she is getting angry with everything. Navya is going out for her school when she notices Indu is talking to someone over the phone call and is speaking ill about Tiwari family members.

Navya makes a huge sound in her ear and she drops the phone from her hand and she immediately tries to pick the call but slams Navya with the name of her family members and she says why can’t I say anything to your family members? your husband is worthless, mother-in-law is pregnant and father-in-law is a cab driver. Navya replies back then what are you? a freeloader, a backbiting queen who is eating and staying at someone else’s house. At Least my husband and my father-in-law are trying to do something legally and in an honest way on their own and I am proud of them and walk out of the house in full attitude.

Indu packs her bags and says I don’t want to be in this house anymore as anyone can come and insult me like this and I am supposed to feel okay. Sumitra asks her to keep patience as she will take revenge from them for each insult with full interest. She picks a picture and says this girl is the perfect match and I want someone like her in the life of Mukund who can make him dance on her tune and also can dance on my tune as well. She calls someone and says today the work needs to be done and full fledgedly done.

Whereas in the school of Yash he is giving speech about family and he refers Mukund and Renuka as his idol and says to all that they are my perfect family example and I love to see them together like this always and Renuka and Mukund are smiling to see him and hear his words. He says I love you to them and everyone clapped. The headmistress of the school says that now the kids of the school will perform a dance song for all of us and Yash and his friends are dancing on the stage and Renuka is smiling and clapping to cheer him.

Once the dance is up the teacher announced that we have a surprise gift for the kid but for that not the kid but the family members of the kid has to perform a paper dance on the stage. Renuka stopped smiling after hearing that while Mukund also looked surprised. Someone from the guardian mocked Renuka for being pregnant but Mukund asks Renuka to go ahead and dance for the sake of Yash. They performed a dance item together and every other guardians who were watching them clapped for them as they did really well on stage. Yash luckily won the prize and he clicked pictures with his grandparents on the stage.

Here in the house Sumitra asks Indu to clean the store room of Mukund but Indu asks her why? She says she saw a big rat in the room and as Indu sleeps on the floor she will have issues later on if she gives kids.

Aditya is happy after getting payment for his job but he is still sceptical and asks Gautam I hope we don’t get caught for this at all but he assures him not to worry about all these and do his work. Aditya decides to buy some gifts for Renuka and Navya both and says sorry to them.

Later Mukund is coming back home at night when a woman comes in front of his car and asks him for help. Some men are running behind her. She asks him to help her out as there is no one in her life and she is alone in the world and faints suddenly. Mukund takes her to the house and thinks to give her basic treatment so that she can be alright. Renuka opens the door thinking Mukund must be home and she gets shocked to see he is carrying some stranger in his arms like that while Sumitra is smirking as her plan is on the roll now.

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