Hamariwali Good News 23rd April 2021 Written Update: Navya records a video footage against Akki and Sumitra

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Episode begins with Mukund denying to agree that Renuka is not alive and he says I am sure she will definitely come back to us. He left without telling anyone anything and Navya thinks that like everybody else even Mukund is also doubtful of her and she is trying to prove her innocence to him. She tries to go further to approach Mukund but Aditya blocks her way and says to her that for you I have lost everything in life and you snatched everything that I had in life and dad for this I will never forgive you.

Along with Aditya, Sumitra and Akki also tries to make her feel inferior and she breaks down after a point of time and says that I have not done anything and is crying. She tries to convince Preeti and again repeats her words about Aditya, Sumitra and Alok. Priti directly asks her what did you do to Alok, did you kill him like the way you killed my mother because he is also missing for some days and she starts to behave differently with me since the day you have gone missing.

Navya says how will I know about Alok, better you can ask about him from Aditya, he must be knowing about him. She doesn’t pay attention to her words and then they are conversing with each other. Suddenly someone arrived at their house and it was none other than the police officers. They came to arrest Navya from there with the charge of killing Renuka. She tries to defend herself but no one pays attention to her words.

Everyone in the locality is blaming Navya and is calling her names when Mukund comes out and defends her. He says to the police officer that I want you people to work and also to find out the real culprit. But make sure that you people find out the real culprit not the one who is innocent. Navya finally gets free from the police officer and she immediately dances and takes Bharat in her arms. Mukund says to Navya that Renuka herself handed over her son Bharat to you hence no one will be able to snatch away him from you.

Navya was to punish each and every person who is responsible for Renuka’s state. She says to Renuka that being your daughter I am promising you that I will punish each and every person who did wrong to you. Please have faith in me and I will surely do what is needed . Aditya is sleeping in his room but the haunted memories of that go down is coming back to him and she is missing Renuka and is feeling guilty that due to him everything happened. He is crying for Renuka and says that I am not a good son to my mother but Akki gives him medicine and asks him to sleep. Later she is having a conversation with Sumitra about their plan and Navya records their conversation as a piece of evidence.

Precap – Navya is going out for job, Mukund is hopeful about Renuka’s return.