Hamariwali Good News 25th November 2020 Written Update: Sumitra and Indu tries to frame Renuka falsely

Hamariwali Good News 25th November 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with celebrations for the marriage ceremony of Anchal going on in the Tiwari house. Suddenly Renuka stands up among the people who are dancing and says today is the celebration of a marriage function and why you people are dancing like you all have no energy left. She says now I will show you all how to dance in a marriage function.

 Navya doesn’t understand why her mother-in-law is behaving in such a way. nafrat tries to manage her mother-in-law but Sumitra comes in and says I will take care of her while you all enjoy here. She takes Renuka inside the kitchen and tries to ask what she is trying to hide about Navya? Renuka doesn’t understand as she is under the spell of bhang and her brain is not working properly to process any answer at that moment. She says Navya, my daughter-in-law is  pregnant.

Sumitra keeps on pressurising Renuka to speak anything about the secret behind Navya’s pregnancy. Renuka good doesn’t understand anything and is repeating the words of Sumitra only. Sumitra is trying to force her physically so that she can reveal some secrets but Renuka is not able to speak anything and rather she is asking her back what is Navya hiding?

Outside all are dancing while Navya gets worried for her mother-in-law and she tries to check on her but Indu is not letting her go inside the kitchen. Navya acts like she fell down on the floor and calls her mother-in-law for help. Renuka comes out of the kitchen and says that Navya is alright and suddenly starts to dance while other people are enjoying the entire thing. She starts to dedicate her song to Sumitra who is getting embarrassed after a point of time for her.

Mukund comes inside the house and he gets angry with Renuka and drags her inside the bathroom and makes a stand below the shower so that she can get over her spell. Mukund himself gets drained in this process while Renuka keeps on laughing. After a point of time, Renuka finally gets back to her senses and she realises that such a huge blunder happened.

On the other side Sumitra and Indu purposefully put the entire blame of this fiasco on Renuka. In fact Sumitra specifically provoked Mukund against Renuka and as a result he asked her to say sorry to Sumita by holding her legs. Renuka feels insulted in front of everybody but still she does it because she has no other choice.

At the same time Adi comes inside the house and claims that it was him who brought bhang inside the house and not her mother and stopped her from asking for an apology. He says that I brought it for the bachelor party of Sanjay but somehow it got me placed or exchanged with something in the kitchen.

 Navya also manages the situation and says that there was green chutney inside the kitchen and maybe she doesn’t understand the difference between both and used it for eating. the matter gets resolved for that moment but semester realises that Navya and Renuka are a team together and she will never let anyone insult her mother in law. She says that I will expose them at any cost and again made a plan along with Indu.

On the other hand, Renuka and Navya are discussing who can be the real culprit behind this mess? Navya says the only outsiders in this house right now are Anchal, Indu and Sumitra and Sumitra was the one who separated you from all and came inside the kitchen during that fiasco. Renuka doesn’t understand why she will do such a thing for no reason?

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