Hamariwali Good News 26th January 2021 Written Update: Sumitra decides to make Vrinda the wife of Mukund

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Episode begins with Sumitra provoking Mukund that to perform the duties of a father he has to perform the duties of a husband too. She says I am glad that you are doing everything that a father should do but I am not getting where this path will lead you to. She asks him what are you doing when you have done the shraadh of Renuka already. Renuka comes to give him the offerings for the pooja and asks him to have it but he gives her an angry look and she gets shocked to see his change of expressions all of a sudden. He goes and turns the table upside down which is there for the ritual and stuff is kept there.

Renuka is shocked to see his reaction. He picked up a piece of glass and started to stab it inside his feast. Renuka tries to stop him but he is unable to hear anything and continues to do whatever he is doing. She cries and asks Sumitra to stop him and Vrinda also gets shocked to see this side of Mukund. Navya meanwhile enters the house and she gets shocked to see the scenario and she asks Mukund to stop torturing people around him like this for no good reasons. Sumitra finally stops him when Navya asks her to stop him since he calls her mother figure and she shouldn’t let him do all these. Vrinda gets a first aid box and tries to tend his hand wounds and Navya takes Renuka inside saying she shouldn’t be here anymore.

Sumitra thinks she is looking for another girl for no reason when she already has someone in the house in the form of Vrinda. She thinks now Vrinda will cut off Renuka from the life of Mukund. Navya tries to console Renuka and asks her to keep calm and soon Mukund will realise where he went wrong and how? The next day, Renuka is going to the clinic with Navya when Mukund comes beside her with his taxi and asks her indirectly to sit inside but Renuka ignores and walks out.

Mukund presses the horn some more time blocking her way. She goes and asks him what is the issue and he says get inside the car right now since I told you that I will take you to the doctor. Renuka asks him that you will go for the kid now and then and will start doing punishment games for taking along your wife as well. Till the time the kid is inside me, he will feel, breathe and behave the way I will do. So whenever you will try to take care of this unborn kid you have to do it through me only because I am the mother.

Renuka says to Mukund, you can not ignore me and claim to take care of the child. So decide yourself what you want to do and try to go with Navya but he snatches the report file and asks her to sit in the car without giving any further lectures. They went to the clinic as usual for their final check up while Renuka behaved a bit strict with Mukund this time. Late at night, someone with gloves in hand opened the door of Sumitra’s room and brought out a gold jewellery box from it and kept it in the Navya’s cupboard without anyone knowing. The next morning Sumitra creates a huge drama in the house saying her necklace is missing from the room while Navya and Renuka think she is again doing some drama.

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