Hamariwali Good News 27th October 2020 Written Update: Will the family know about the truth?

Hamariwali Good News 27th October 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode begins with everyone welcoming Navya and Adi. They both are surprised by the behavior. Adi feels helpless as he can’t say the truth to anyone. Renuka says you are okay? Navya nods yes. Sumitra comes and says now you have given news like bahu. Navya bends to take the blessing.

Sumitra says from now on no need to bend from now on, just take lot of care. Sumitra makes Navya sit in her chair and says now on eat ghee. She gives her ghee ke pedhe and says this is prasad. She asks someone to give the prasad. Sumitra asks everyone to dance and sing. Everyone celebrates, Navya keeps on sitting. Navya feels bad and goes from there. Adi follows her. Sumitra asks is there any problem. Renuka says she must be tired after school, accident and doctor. Sumitra asks everyone else to dance and enjoy.

At night, Navya says I am so tired and Madhu also felt same during initial days. Adi is confused and asks which days. Navya says everyone was so happy today. She then goes to sleep. Navya asks Adi to sleep early too as he has his orientation tomorrow. Renuka takes out baby clothes of Preeti and Adi and is happy.

Adi speaks to Navya’s mom and tells her the truth. Adi also says how she is in shock and denial. Navya’s mom says she is like this only, she deals with shock with denial. Navya’s mom says when her dad died she thought he was alive for days. Navya’s mom says you both take care.

Next day, Renuka is preparing breakfast and says how Mukund brought so much snacks and now all is waste. Mukund comes from behind and says no snacks will go out of this house. Every item will be eaten by me. Renuka says in breakfast. Mukund says yes, heat up some samosas and cold gulab jamuns. Renuka says okay, I will not let my Navya eat anything of yesterday, everything will be fresh for her.

Madhu has come home and says how she is upset that Navya you didn’t tell me yourself. Madhu says I am so happy for you, you and Adi are so efficient so soon good news, now all neighbor’s mouths are shut. Adi comes. Navya says Adi also has a good news. Adi thinks atleast Navya should say the truth to Madhu.

Navya says Adi got his job. Madhu says wow this baby has brought so much good news. Madhu says if you guys have a girl then I wont let her tie rakhi to my baby as I want her to be his girlfriend. Everyone laughs. Renuka calls Adi and says make Navya eat these fruits and milk. Adi says I need to talk to you. Renuka says not now, I need to go to Sumitra, she has some urgent thing. Renuka leaves with Mukund.

Mukund says we should have started early, jiji has done so much for us always now it’s our turn. Mukund’s bike hits a car who gave a sudden break and his headlight breaks. He goes and gets angry on the car driver and he also sees another two wheeler couple injured. The car person says I don’t care and I will not give a penny to you all and drives off. Mukund says I have noted the number and calls police.

At Sumitra’s place, Sumitra says I have ensured good news at your place, now I want you two to focus on my problem. Mukund asks what problem? Sumitra says my granddaughter Aanchal has made my reputation go down. Sumitra says we thought in a modern way and let her go to college for studies but this girl started her love story instead. Mukund says now what should we do, let’s take her to agra. Sumitra says now she will go out of this house only to her sasural.

Sumitra shows a picture that Alok gave her. She says the family is rich and nice. Sumitra gives the task to Renuka and Mukund so that they fix the marriage soon. Renuka says now I will tell you both only something about the girl, no one should know, specially your son and daughter in law. Sumitra says something which is muted.

Episode ends.

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