Hamariwali Good News 28th October 2020 Written Update: Renuka confronts Aditya

Hamariwali Good News 28th October 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today’s episode starts with Navya showing to Aditya clothes of his and Preeti’s childhood. She praises Renuka for keeping them safe. Aditya asks Navya to stop lying to herself. Navya asks Aditya to sleep as she is tired. Aditya sees Navya has not taken medicine. He confronts her. Navya says medicines are not good for pregnancy. Aditya gets irked and asks Navya to accept she can’t conceive. Navya refuses to listen to Aditya. Aditya slaps Navya and asks her to accept the fact that her tests have been done and they can never become Parents. Navya stands shocked. Renuka over hears Aditya and Navya’s talk and cries too from far.

Navya cries loudly and regrets her decision of not planning baby before. Aditya console her. Navya says she failed. There, Renuka cries recalling Aditya’s word. Here, Aditya asks Navya to check in the mirror and tell what she sees. Navya says she and him. Aditya says to Navya that similarly they will face the problem together. He decides to take the second opinion from doctor. Aditya says there is no problem in the world that doesn’t have the solution.  He decides to recheck with doctor. Navya asks to tell Renuka. Aditya asks her to wait a little

In the morning, Aditya and Navya go to doctor. Doctor suggests Aditya and Navya to meet the IVF expert because he has changed the lives of many childless couple. Aditya and Navya get happy.  They spend a time together.

At home, Mukund shares a talk with Navya. He asks her to help him in doing arrangement for Aachal as ‘Bhardawaj’ family is coming home. He asks Navya to look after the arrangements.

 There, Renuka tells to Aditya that Bhardawaj throw his wife out because his wife wasn’t able to conceive. She confronts Aditya about Navya and asks him if she too can’t conceive. Aditya asks Renuka how she knows. Renuka tells she heard him last night. She cries thinking she won’t be able to become grandmother ever. Aditya tries to pacify him.

Renuka cries on her bad destiny. She further shares with Aditya that she fears Sumitra as when she will come to know about Navya’s truth than she will not spare anyone. Aditya asks what she will do. Renuka says she might break his wedding with Navya. Aditya stands shocked. (Episode Ends)

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