Hamariwali Good News 30th October 2020 Written Update: Navya and Adi up for IVF

Hamariwali Good News 30th October 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Renuka gives the jwellery boxes, Adi says wait first let us check with the doctor. Renuka says I pray to Krishna ji every day he will do everything good noe. Renuka starts to apologise on behalf of Adi, Adi takes Navya. Renuka then says let this confusion about you being pregnant continue like this.

Navya says but why to lie. Renuka says in Bhagvata Gita, Krishna ji said a lie said for someone’s good is not a lie. Renuka says people shouldn’t point out and that way family will break. Adi says we understand and then they leave. Then, Renuka says to Kusum, take your blouse and dress is ready. Kusum says now I will rock this neighborhood with my new attire. She asks Renuka to make something for herself too. Renuka says not now.

Renuka then asks her about hakeem medicine and asks is it true it works for man who are not fertile enough. Kusum says yes I have heard so much, why you also want to get pregnant with your Navya? Renuka says stop it now, it’s for my friend’s daughter in law. Kusum says men never are pointed out for being infertile ever. Renuka says where do people get the medicine from? Kusum says at the backside where the banjaras sit, but why are you asking when you don’t have to go, Renuka says yes.

There, Preeti and her bhabhi have come to meet Sanjay’s family for Aanchal. Here, Renuka then goes to the banjaras and says this will work? The banjaras says yes it will don’t worry. Renuka buys it. Renuka is about to collide with Preeti but it is missed but her bhabhi sees Renuka and asks what is she doing here?

Preeti says these are for men having issues. Renuka says it’s for many other cures too. Bhabhi says these medicines have afeem, they are additive, you shouldn’t use them. Renuka says I had pain in knees so I came to get, don’t tell to anyone about this or else everyone will laugh. They agree and take her with them. Renuka thinks she will not give this to Adi.

Here at hospital, Adi and Navya are sad as doctor tells them Navya’s uterus is not fit for IVF. Navya is crying. Adi says don’t worry we will do something. They see a kid crying, they go to them and he is looking for his mother. Navya carries him and is making him stop crying. Adi goes to bring ice cream. The boy’s mother comes and scolds Navya and takes the ice cream away. She says these people look from good family but are still trying to take away my kid.

Navya and Adi try to explain but the lady scolds them. The nurse from the hospital come and gives Navya’s file on which IVF is written. The lady then says you can’t have children so you are taking mine, you ladies are black spots for our community. Adi is irritated and Navya is crying. Adi takes Navya away. Renuka calls Adi to ask the status of IVF possibility. Adi says they are not suitable for IVF. Renuka feels sad.

At home, Navya is thinking how she was told about her fallopian tube then about uterus. She burns the food she is making and is angrt and sad. Renuka sees this from a far and comes. She says give it to me, I will make it. Navya says no no I will. Navya throws the burnt food and makes new. Mukund calls everyone.

Mukund then makes Navya sit and rest. He tells everyone how Sanjay and his family is coming to see Aanchal. He says jiji will also come, they need to be at their best so that jiji has no complains. Mukund says Navya you will do it? Navya is lost somewhere. Mukund says Navya? Navya comes to reality and says yes I will. Mukund says good. Renuka says I am also there. Mukund says you being there or not is the same thing. A neighbour comes to make Navya eat a prasad as it is considered lucky when a pregnant women eats the prasad of a puja or havaan.

Renuka thinks what will they do. The neighbour is going to make Navya eat. She says I can’t and goes. Adi goes behind her. Renuka says Navya take care of stairs. The neighbour is irritated and says what happened to her. Renuka says today her stomach is not feeling good as it’s her first month, from morning she had only one glass of milk. The neighbour says okay I understand but do make her eat. The neighbour goes. Mukund says take care of Navya.

Renuka goes to Navya and Adi. She says Navya it’s enough now, go from here, don’t stay here. Adi says but mom. Navya says mom pleasr understand. Renuka says you don’t have to always say in between, no neighbour can come and do this, there will be so many puja in neighborhood, everyone will come like this then it’s not good, you go to your mother’s house and stay for a while, I don’t want my bahu to face all this. Adi says but for how long. Renuka says till the time the matter gets cooled off, as the neighbourhood is celebrating Navya’s good news too much. Navya agrees.

Mukund gets a call from jiji saying he needs to go to take Giriraj ji’s parikrama. Jiji says I know you are athiest but it’s good for the baby that will be coming, Renuka should go with you but she should stay here with Navya. Mukund says I have wore my slippers, I am going. Jiji says you need to go without slippers. Mukund says okay I am going jiji. Navya comes to her mother’s house and hears the maid saying she is pregnant again and can’t raise another child after 5 children. Navya scolds the maid saying just because you can have children don’t act like this, there are people who can’t act like this.

Here door bell rings, Renuka opens it, a baba ji comes. Renuka asks him this jadu tona works good? Baba ji says if you have issues and doubts then don’t do. He is about to go but Renuka stops and says by so much difficulty I made everyone go out and only me and my son are here, please do it today. The baba asks to bring all the required things. Renuka brings it. The process starts. Suddenly a knock is heard, Renuka is tensed thinking who will it be?

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