Hamariwali Good News 31st October 2020 Written Update: Renuka gets shocked learning Navay’s truth

Hamariwali Good News 31st October 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today’s episode starts with priest about to start black magic along with Renuka. He does the arrangement. At the same time, Preeti knocks the door and asks Renuka to open it. Renuka gets shocked learning Preeti is here. She asks priest to hide as tonight the puja will be complated by any ways. Further, Renuka opens the door and Preeti comes in. Preeti tells to Renuka that she will stay tonight at the house. Priest hide and watches Renuka and Preeti.

Otherside, Aditya call Navya and asks her if she had her dinner. Navya tells to Aditya that she had dinner. Duo talk with each other. Aditya ends the call asking Navya to have dinner as he knows she hasn’t taken yet. Navya sees her dinner plate and gets teary. Navya’s mother see her from far and cries too.

Here, Renuka apologize to God for mixing sleeping material in Preeti’s food. She thinks she will make the puja happen anyways tonight. She asks Priest to wait a littel. Later, Renuka goes to Preeti and tries to feed her spiked food. Preeti gets angry on Alok for treating her as servant of the house. Renuka asks her not to mind so much and feeds her milk. Preeti sees someone’s shadow and about to check. Renuka asks Preeti to sleep and stops her from doing inspection.

Ahead, Navya’s mother makes her understand that even adopted child can give her motherly pleasure. There, Renuka wishes none see her puja. Balck magic priest performs the puja. Renuka sees Preeti standing and gets shocked. She was about to explain and later learns that Preeti is walking in sleep. Renuka takes Preeti away with her.

Other side, Navya’s mother asks Navya to think upon adoption. Navya likes the idea and agree to adopt the baby. She decides to talk with Aditya and Tiwari’s. Navya hugs her mother.

 Meanwhile, Renuka blindfolds Aditya and bring him to the Puja place. Aditya refuses to perform the Puja and says he don’t believe in supersitition. Renuka emotionally balckmails Adiya and convince him to sit in the Puja. For Renuka’s sake Aditya sit in the Puja. He thinks supersitious belief can’t make him father. Later, Navya gate crash the house and gets stunned seeing the puja. She interupts the Puja and asks Renuka to stop it.

Reunka tells to Navya that because of Aditya she cant concieve. Navya clears the confusion and reveals to Renuka that she has drawbacks thus, can’t deliver the baby. Renuka and Aditya stands shocked. Navya asks to perform the puja with her not with Aditya because she lacks in producing baby. (Episode Ends)

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