Hamariwali Good News 8th April 2021 Written Update: The kid vanishes from the room of Sumitra

Hamariwali Good News 8th April 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with all in the house are getting worried since is also missing from the house. The police officer says it seems like some big level of conspiracy is happening against your family. She asks him if he has any doubt regarding anything and asks Mukund to proceed further. Mukund finally started giving with his share of feedback in favor of her question. He told the police officer about his will, he says I transferred the entire property on my child name and was not even born that time. Hence I made a trust kind of thing, which has six board members and we’ll handle and take care of the property till the time my younger son will not become an adult. The police officer says to Mukund that this seems like a family matter but still as a police officer I will have to do my duty so you people can come into my office tomorrow and register your names for further communication. He says that I don’t have any particular name as everyone changes with time but sore sure .

Mukund is upset with the way Renuka is not found whereas Sumitra prepares milk for the kid and comes to the room immediately to make her jealous. Aditya Ashok Mukund that we will get many times in life to argue with each other but at this point of time she needs us and we have to be her support system. On the other hand, Mukund is getting emotional and he is thinking about the moments he spent with Renuka. Sumitra finds out that the kid is not in his place and she immediately goes out of her room and starts to shout at people in the house. She gets so emotional that she actually speaks up about the child growing in the house in front of Mukund and he was shocked. She says that the kid is is in the house till now but suddenly he is nowhere and questions everyone else about it. Mukund gets so angry and he slaps her hard. He says that the humanity in your mind and body is finished forever. He says this time you will directly go to jail and throw her out of the house.

Sumitra realises that she is watching a dream and she calls everyone to find out who did this. All are getting doubt on the other but no one is able to understand who it can be. In the night Alok gets up from his sleep and is trying to search for the kid in the other rooms of the house. He is kind of disappointed not to find the baby anywhere. The next morning prepare some items and says to his daughter that I am going to donate all this among the underprivileged people. Renuka says it makes one get lot of blessings from the poor people if you donate something to them.

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