Harphoul Mohini16th November 2022 Written Update: Shalini’s plan flops

Harphoul Mohini 16th November 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Mohini thanks Harphoul for supporting her. She says that he had the chance to tell the truth to their family still he did not tell them. On the other hand, Shalini recalls that how Balwant told her to do a thing before Devi uses her evil powers against them. Devi gives food to Saraswati. Shalini notices that no one seeing her. She gives milk to Devi. Devi asks her to bring milk for her daily and she drinks it. Shalini thinks that this spicy milk will do it’s job. She gets shocked seeing Devi drinking all the milk. Devi says that this milk is so sweet. Shalini gives milk to Santok. He also praises the taste and leaves from there. Shalini gets confused hearing him. She drinks milk and she coughs. Devi asks her that what happened. Maai gets shocked seeing Shalini’s red face. She calls everyone there. Devi informs them everything.

Later, Shalini shows the spicy milk to Balwant and says that it did not affect Devi at all. Devyani asks her that if the latter really mixed chilli or not. Shalini gives the milk to her. Devyani coughs after drinking it. Balwant wonders that who is this Devi.

Harphoul tells Mohini that he can’t sleep peacefully until Devi is there. He asks her that why she is not understanding that Devi is danger for them. He says that one day truth will come out for sure. He adds that he can’t forget that Devi came out of the watermelon. Maai asks him that what he said about Devi. He changes the topic saying that Devi ate a lot of watermelon. He says that Mohini supporting Devi always so he got angry. Mohini tells Maai that the latter know about Harphoul’s anger already. Maai asks her that if the latter is telling the truth. Harphoul asks her to not worry and sleep. Maai leaves the room. Mohini asks Harphoul that if he reacts like this then where she will go. She says that she will stay in this house only if Devi stays with her. He asks her that why she is talking like this.

After some time, Devi arranges pillow to sleep. Harphoul scolds her for touching the pillow. He tells her to sleep on the floor. Devi lays down on the floor. Mohini enters the room and she lays down beside Devi. Harphoul also lays down on the floor. Devi smiles at him so he turns around.

Maai says that she heard Harphoul clearly but how is that possible. Devi gets up and leaves the house. She reaches Balwant’s house. She recalls the curses pregnant ladies gave to Balwant. She wakes him up by twisting his hand. He gets shocked seeing Devi in Goddess avtar. Devi stabs him and it turns out to be Balwant’s dream. He notices bruise on his hand. He says that Devi is not a normal kid and he has to meet her.

Episode ends.

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