Harphoul Mohini 17th November 2022 Written Update: Balwant asks Mohini to prove her surgery

Harphoul Mohini 17th November 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Balwant recalls about dream. He takes the gun and gets ready to leave for Harphoul’s house. On the other hand, Shalini wonders that what all will happen due to Devi. Santok teases her. Devi scares Shalini for fun. She asks her that what was the latter talking about her. Shalini tells her that she was not talking about her and goes inside. Devi sits on Santok’s lap. Santok asks her to not think about Shalini’s words. She tells him that today will be so good because she is going to play with him. He tells her that he also want to play with her but he can’t run behind her due to his leg problem. She motivates him. She asks Shalini to join them. Shalini refuses. She chants hanuman chalisa in fear.

Devi asks her to chant wholeheartedly. Shalini asks her to chant it. Devi chants hanuman chalisa. Everyone gathers in the hall. Maai thinks that she should not have doubted Devi. Harphoul wonders that how is this possible. Maai praises Devi and she blesses her. Devi tells her that she is hungry now. Mohini says that she will bring milk. Devi says that there is no milk in the kitchen. Harphoul says that only rakshas can drink like this. Maai asks him that what is his problem. She tells him to buy 10 liters milk. Devi says that she want to accompany Harphoul. Maai asks Harphoul to take Devi with him.

Banwari tells Balwant that it won’t be good if he went to Harphoul’s house to see Devi. Balwant tells him that he has to see Devi. Mohini teaches Devi to brushing. She tells Harphoul to take care of Devi because she is his responsibility now. He asks Devi to sit behind him. Devi tells him that she can fell down and she can see whole village if she sit in front of him then. They leaves the house.

Balwant reaches Harphoul’s house. He asks Maai that won’t she welcome him. Maai tells him that this is Harveer’s house and he can enter. He enters the house. He tells Shalini that she is looking weak. He asks her that if they are not giving food to her. He says that he heard Mohini had tumor. Devyani says that Mohini don’t look like she had surgery one day back. Maai says that she trust Mohini and Mohini never lies. Balwant says that Mohini should prove it by showing her scar. Mohini gets shocked hearing him. She recalls that how Harphoul said that one day truth will come out.

Harphoul recalls the recent incidents. He thinks that he can abandon Devi and Mohini will forget Devi after crying for few days. Maai says that Devyani can see Mohini’s scar. Mohini tells her that they need not to prove anything. Maai tells her that it’s necessary to prove them that they are telling the truth. Mohini thinks that today her secret will be out.

Episode ends.

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