Harphoul Mohini 22nd November 2022 Written Update: Devi returns to Nakroli

Harphoul Mohini 22nd November 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Mohini asks Harphoul that how can he abandon Devi. She says that she won’t let anything happen to Devi until she is alive and leaves the house. On the other hand, Criminal guy opens the door. Devi tells him that he looks good and those boys getting scared of him unnecessarily. She asks him that if he went to jail and how he got injured. He tells her to leave from there and goes inside. She enters the house.

Mohini searches Devi in the village. Harphoul asks her to listen him. She tells him that she won’t listen him and finding Devi is her priority now. Criminal guy scolds Devi for entering the house. He tells her that he is so dangerous because he went to jail. He asks her that if she is not scared of him. She notices Goddess Mata Rani’s photo on the wall. She starts singing bajan.

In the palace, Shalini asks Balwant that what happened to him. Balwant tells her that she can’t handle the truth. He says that he won’t lose against a small girl. He tells Banwari to bring new and strong Tantrik. He says that he will finish Devi before she does anything against him. He says that he wants Devi alone. Devyani asks Shalini to bring Devi to mela and she will do the remaining job. He says that only Devyani cares about him.

Criminal guy comes out of the house with Devi. Boys gets surprised seeing that. Devi asks them to not get scared of uncle. She tells them that she brought ball and uncle’s new name is laddu uncle. Laddu uncle gives chocolates to everyone. Boys asks him to become an umpire. Laddu uncle recalls that how he told Devi that he went to jail even though he was innocent. He says that no one believed him. Devi tells him that everything will be fine. He comes to reality and gives all the balls to boys which fell into his house.

Boys learns that Devi’s house is in Nakroli. They gets in the tempo and reaches Nakroli. Boys says that they have to search Devi’s house. Mohini gets happy seeing Devi and hugs her. Devi tells her that she is fine. She wipes her tears. She tells boys that she lives with Mohini. Boys leaves from there.

Mohini asks Devi that where the latter went. Devi tells her that she lost the way. Harphoul wonders that why Devi lied to Mohini for him. Devi asks for milk from Mohini. Mohini buys milk for her. She apologizes to Harphoul for not believing him. She tells him that Devi is not evil. Harphoul tells her that he can’t forget what he saw. He says that they won’t talk about Devi again. He tells her that he will support her always and leaves from there. Devi tells herself that she has to do something to reunite them.

Episode ends.

Episode begins with Harphoul decides to abandon Devi. He reaches the bus stop. Devi asks him that what are they doing there. He buys sweet for her. He recalls that how she came from watermelon. He makes her sit on the bus. He asks her to not move from there saying that he will return soon. She asks him to come soon. He get off the bus. He wonders that if he is doing the right thing or not. He gives money to her. She asks him that what can she do with money. He tells her that she may need money and leaves from there. Devi notices that bus started moving. She wonders that where is Harphoul.

On the other hand, Balwant asks Santok about Devi. Santok warns him to stay away from Devi. Bus stops in the middle of the road. Devi gets off the bus. She thinks that Harphoul would have left to drink milk. Maai asks Devyani to check the scar. Mohini thinks that if truth comes out then she will lose Maai’s trust. Devi draws a scar mark on the road. Devyani notices scar mark on Mohini’s stomach. Maai asks Mohini to take rest until mark vanishes. Mohini thinks that she could not see any mark then how others are seeing it. She realises that God saved her.

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