Harphoul Mohini 10th November 2022 Written Update: Devi meets Harphoul’s family

Harphoul Mohini 10th November 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Villagers believes that Mohini was never pregnant due to Devi. Harphoul wonders that what Devi did. Devi holds Harphoul and Mohini’s hands. They leaves from there. Balwant’s men leaves from Maai’s house. Maai wonders that what happened to them. On the other hand, Balwant asks astrologer that what is going to happen according to his horoscope. Astrologer tells him that the latter’s wrong deeds reached the extremity. He says that Balwant’s end is near and someone is coming to finish him.

One of the Villager asks Harphoul about Devi. Mohini says that she found Devi in the temple. She adds that Devi will stay with her until she finds Devi’s parents. Devi calls Harphoul as cauliflower before Villagers. Villagers laughs hearing her. They teases Harphoul calling him as cauliflower. Harphoul asks Mohini to think about her decision once again. Mohini tells him that she won’t change her decision. Maai gets relieved seeing them. She hugs them. She notices Mohini’s belly. She asks them about Devi. Mohini tells her that she will explain everything. Banwari sees them.

Balwant asks Balli that what is the latter doing in the palace. Balli informs him that Harphoul and Mohini returned. He tells him everything. Banwari comes there. He says that Villagers are with Harphoul and Mohini. Balwant scolds them. He wonders that what’s happening. He recalls Tantrik’s words. He says that something is fishy. He tells Banwari that Devi don’t seem normal kid. His horoscope gets burn. Balwant sees Goddess shadow in the fire. Banwari tells him that Devi entered Nakroli. He gets worried that what will happen in the future. Balwant tells him that nothing will change.

Mohini tells Maai that she found Devi in the temple. She lies about tumor too. Devi says that Maai’s cheeks are chubby like her cheeks. Mohini introduces Shalini and Santok to Devi. Shalini says that they suffered so much without doing anything wrong. Mohini sends Devi to kitchen to eat. She asks Shalini that how can the latter talk like that before Devi. Santok tells Shalini that even Harphoul and Mohini suffered. Shalini says that she don’t know what will happen in the future. She says that they have to take decision.

They hears a noise from kitchen. They goes to the kitchen. Harphoul warns Devi to not touch anything. Mohini asks him to not scare Devi. Maai scolds Harphoul for talking like that with Devi. Shalini notices that Devi broke the mixer. She tells Maai that the latter can see Harphoul’s mistake but not Mohini’s mistake. Santok takes her from there. Maai tells Harphoul that he should be glad that Mohini is fine now. She says that Devi will stay with them until they finds Devi’s parents. She asks Harphoul that why he looks worried. Devi asks her to show her room. Maai takes her from there. Balwant tells Police inspector that Harphoul and Mohini brought a kid with them. He says that he is just worried about that kid parents.

Episode ends.

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